You might wonder what happened to SWIS, PBIS Assessment and PBIS Evaluation. All of the applications you use every day for decision making in your building and all of their associated data are all accessible from the black appbar at the top of this site.

Whether you need to enter a survey in PBIS Assessment, referral data in SWIS, or generate a report in PBIS Evaluation, simply click the PBIS Applications Login link at the top right-hand corner of the screen to enter your username and password. (You can also enter the same information in the login box in the middle of the homepage.)

You’ll use the same login information you have always used to access your school’s data.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see links along the top of the screen as well as in the login box in the middle of the page to all of the applications to which you have access. Click the name of the application and you’ll be logged directly into SWIS, PBIS Assessment or PBIS Evaluation.


 Watch Video for Dem​​onstration