A commitment to equity and inclusion is at the heart of what we do at PBISApps. There are a few ways we give students to identify the parts about themselves that make them uniquely them. In the SWIS Suite, schools mark whether a student receives additional support, or has a specific disability, or identifies as multi-racial. When it comes to a student’s gender, we limit schools to the same two options traditionally available on most government forms…until now. 

SWIS Suite schools are getting a new school setting.

On Tuesday, March 12, schools will see a new general school setting called “Use Additional Gender Options”. By default, the setting is disabled. When enabled, users see a third gender option available when they go to add a new student in the application. Like this: 

Once you enable the setting, you cannot disable it without a phone call to PBISApps Support, so click wisely.

Some states require districts include a third gender option on school forms. For these schools, the new setting makes the SWIS Suite compliant with your district’s requirements. For schools outside of these states, the setting is still available in your account. We suggest, before you select “yes” on this new setting, check with your district or state to see how this third gender option aligns with any reporting you do out of the SWIS Suite.