​​​​​What is DataLink?

DataLink connects the SWIS Suite with a district's student information system (SIS) by transferring student and staff data from the SIS to SWIS. With DataLink, schools enter data into one place, retain consistency across applications, and protect data quality.
Districts, schools, and facilities work together to upload data to individual SWIS accounts. The uploading organization downloads a data file from the SIS and sends it to PBISApps. Schools choose which data they agree to upload to their SWIS accounts, if they choose to participate at all. Participation options include:
  • Send No Data: Opt out of uploading any data to SWIS Suite accounts. Selecting this option requires SWIS subscribers to enter all data into SWIS manually.
  • Only People: Upload student and staff rosters. As new students and staff need to be added, DataLink makes all of the necessary changes to match your SIS automatically.

Data upload at regularly scheduled times to make sure SWIS accounts are as current as possible for decision making.

How Does DataLink Work?

Every school uploading data with DataLink has an uploading organization – the people responsible for downloading data from the district SIS and sending it to PBISApps. That uploader connects with our Data Integration Specialist to work through these setup details:

  • Where to send the file
  • Map the SIS codes to their SWIS codes
  • Test the files and verify their accuracy
  • Set up a personal DataLink account
Once all the wrinkles are ironed out, the uploader starts inviting districts and schools to participate.
  1. Your district gets an invitation and chooses which data to upload.
  2. The district sends each school an invitation to participate.
  3. Each school chooses which data to upload to SWIS: student and staff information or nothing at all.
  4. The next time the uploader sends a file, data upload to the appropriate SWIS accounts seamlessly.

Is DataLink the Right Process for You?

As you decide whether or not to participate, schools should know how DataLink affects the way in which they interact with the SWIS Suite. Using DataLink establishes the district SIS as the required system for managing student and staff information. That simply means schools cannot add, delete, or edit their student and staff rosters directly in SWIS. Participating schools make all roster edits in their SIS and DataLink sends the information to SWIS automatically. Schools continue entering referrals, enrollment numbers, and days per month information manually into their SWIS accounts.


DataLink User's Manual​​​​