The School-Wide Information System Suite (SWIS Suite) is the only decision-making system to provide the level of detail required for every tier of a multi-tiered system of school-wide behavior support. There are three applications in the SWIS Suite: SWIS, CICO-SWIS, and ISIS-SWIS; each aligns with a specific tier in a multi-tiered system of support. Each application provides the data needed for both universal screening and progress monitoring. For more than a decade, the SWIS Suite has assisted teams to improve their internal decision making and overall support plan design for individual students and their families. With the SWIS Suite, schools spend less time sorting through spreadsheets and sticky notes and more time analyzing real-time, high-fidelity data. 

SWIS Suite Global Edition — Made for Your Situation 

International partners interested in the SWIS Suite for their schools may find the US application doesn’t fit within their cultural context: The application is written in English; the data are stored on servers inside the United States; referral and student categories don’t make sense in your country. To fully support your efforts to improve your data collection and decision-making process, we developed SWIS Suite Global Edition. With this version, the application is translated to your language, operated on servers you designate, and administered by your team. 

Translated in Your Language 

When you subscribe to SWIS Suite Global Edition, we work with you and a team of professional translators to create the SWIS Suite written in your language. Referral definitions can be customized to fit your schools’ needs. Student ethnic categories can be adjusted to fit your cultural or government-mandated requirements. The application is tailored to work within your context. 

Hosted on Your Servers 

Because PBISApps operates in the United States, all data are stored on US servers. We understand the confidentiality and privacy requirements in your country and how they may create a barrier to adopting the application as it’s currently provided. For this reason, as a SWIS Suite Global Edition subscriber, you can operate the applications locally from servers you control. Our team of developers is ready to work with you to install and update the applications in your country or region.

Administered by Your Team 

SWIS Suite Global Edition contains all of the applications in the SWIS Suite – SWIS, CICO-SWIS, ISIS-SWIS, SAMI – plus all of the tools you need to setup and manage each school’s account. You setup the accounts. You support your schools. The applications operate under your control with data saved directly on your servers.

Get Started with SWIS Suite Global Edition 

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