​​What is a Facilitator?

Local Capacity

Experience has shown if your school, district, region or state is committed to providing discipline information to teams, then an investment must be made to build the capacity to use these tools efficiently. SWIS facilitators are the key to transform and sustain the SWIS Suite as a functional information system influencing how your school supports student behavior.

Certified Expertise

Each facilitator has attended the proper certification trainings enabling them to bring one, two, or all three SWIS Suite applications to you. They are a local resource to take schools through the process from completing readiness requirements and submitting account paperwork, to conducting initial training and providing on-going support. A list of all certified facilitators ready to help you get started is available through Find a Facilitator tool.

Who Should Be a Facilitator?  

Most facilitators allocate only a portion of their FTE (e.g. .10-.50) to the tasks associated with facilitation. Over the course of a school year, a facilitator might spend about 40 hours per school during the school’s first year of SWIS. Facilitators work with as few as 5 schools, and as many as 30 schools.

Successful facilitators have formal time allocated in their workload to:

  • To perform facilitator duties.
  • Implement the application(s) with 2 or more schools.
  • Meet with implementing schools at least 5 times in a year to assess readiness, train staff, and meet with teams to build fluency in using data for decision-making.

If you answered "yes" to these questions, you are in a good position to become a facilitator!

How to Become a…

To facilitate a school in any application within the SWIS Suite, a facilitator must receive the proper certification. Each of the following certification trainings takes place multiple times per year across the country…some are even provided online. Take a look at the upcoming training schedule to find the training closest to you.

SWIS Facilitator

To become a certified SWIS facilitator, you will need to attend a 2½-day training delivered by certified SWIS Facilitator Trainers.
As a certified SWIS facilitator, you will be trained:
  • How to use SWIS
  • How to train schools to use SWIS
  • How to respond to the most frequently occurring questions
  • How to help teams use SWIS information for decision making
  • How to sustain SWIS use within each school you support


CICO-SWIS Facilitator

CICO-SWIS is a certification available to certified SWIS Facilitators who are interested in implementing CICO-SWIS within their schools. To sign up a school with CICO-SWIS, you must be a certified SWIS facilitator and attend a 2-hour webinar with post-training competency activities delivered by certified CICO-SWIS Facilitator Trainers. The CICO-SWIS certification webinar consists of two parts:
  • An overview of the Check-In Check-Out intervention
  • Instruction on how to implement and use the CICO-SWIS application within your school buildings


ISIS-SWIS Facilitator

ISIS-SWIS is a certification available to certified SWIS Facilitators who are interested in implementing ISIS-SWIS within their schools.  To sign up a school with ISIS-SWIS, you must be a certified SWIS facilitator and attend a 1-day training delivered by a certified ISIS-SWIS Facilitator Trainer as well as complete pre- and post-training competency activities. The ISIS-SWIS facilitator training consists of eight parts:
  • Orientation to ISIS-SWIS.
  • Creating student files + adding team members
  • Managing student file documents
  • Managing measures
  • Data entry + report generation
  • Readiness + licensing
  • How to facilitate ISIS-SWIS
  • How to train schools to use ISIS-SWIS.