Who: School Systems Planning teams – a team of three to eight people including the administrator and district coach – with input from Tier I, II, and/or III teams. It is strongly recommended the team complete the TFI with an external SWPBIS coach serving as a facilitator. Coordinators and school teams can enter TIC results in PBIS Assessment.

When: First-year implementers may conduct the TFI as an initial assessment – moving to administering the survey every third or fourth meeting. Schools reaching 70% fidelity three consecutive times may choose to take the TFI as an annual assessment.​

The TFI gives teams a single, efficient, valid, reliable survey to guide implementation and sustained use of SWPBIS. Using the TFI, teams measure the extent to which school personnel apply the core features of SWPBIS at all three tiers – either individually or collectively. Schools may take the TFI as:
  • An initial assessment to determine if they are using, or need, SWPBIS
  • A guide for implementation of Tier I, Tier II, and/or Tier III practices
  • An index of sustained SWPBIS implementation
  • A metric for identifying schools for recognition within their state implementation efforts

The TFI is based on the features and items of existing SWPBIS fidelity surveys (e.g., SET, BoQ, TIC, SAS, BAT, MATT) and can be used to replace any or all of them.


We have resources to guide you from implementation to action plans.


SWPBIS Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) Guide + Appendices (PDF)
PBIS Assessment Coordinator's Guide (PDF)
Local PBIS Assessment Coordinator Form (RTF) Register as a PBIS Assessment Coorinator for access to the app. 

These slide decks focus on the 'what' and the 'why' of each individual question in the survey— 
useful for coaches if there is uncertainity around what a particular question is asking.
Slide Deck: TFI Training Tier 1
Slide Deck: TFI Training Tier 2
Slide Deck: TFI Training Tier 3