University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

 4/10/2018 8:30 AM to 4/10/2018 4:30 PM


This one day training focuses on using CICO-SWIS, teaching others to use CICO-SWIS, working with schools to prepare for CICO-SWIS compatibility, and working with teams/coaches to apply a data based, decision-making model. Certification requirements include full attendance at the in-person instruction as well as pre- and post-training requirements.

Previously CICO-SWIS training was limited to individuals already certified as SWIS Facilitators. This training is now open to all individuals who meet the criteria for supporting schools in CICO-SWIS implementation.  No prior certifications required!

Complete the screening and registration form. Note that the person attending the training is responsible to complete the registration process directly. Do not complete screening and registration for another person unless responses are being dictated. Thank you!

Terms for All Application Trainings

  • I have formal time allocated in my workload to perform Facilitator duties.
  • I am planning to implement the application(s) with 2 or more schools.
  • I am able to meet with implementing schools at least 5 times in a year to assess school readiness, train staff, and meet with teams to build fluency in using data for decision-making.
  • I have formal time allocated in my workload to complete all certification requirements, including pre- and post-training activities and full attendence of the in-person sessions.

Additional Terms for I-SWIS Training ONLY

  • I have knowledge and/or experience using Targeted (Tier II) and Intensive (Tier III) systems of SWPBIS Support (e.g. basic behavioral theory, behavioral assessments, and support planning).
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Training Details

Cost: $250.00
Training Coordinator:
University of Oregon, College of Education
HEDCO Building, Room 230T
1655 Alder Street
Eugene, OR 97401
Last Day to Register: 3/27/2018