CICO Intervention Self-Assessment.docCICO Intervention Self-AssessmentThis tool allows teams to assessing the current Check-In Check-Out intervention implementation status.Training Materials7/14/2014
CICO Program Description Examples.zipCICO Program Description ExamplesExamples of Check-In Check-Out program descriptions compatible with CICO-SWIS readiness requirement #4. Samples and Templates7/14/2014
CICO-SWIS 5 Preview Webinar for Facilitators.pptxCICO-SWIS 5 Preview Webinar for FacilitatorsSlide deck used for the CICO-SWIS 5 preview webinar for facilitators.Training Materials8/22/2013
CICO-SWIS Facilitator Training Materials.zipCICO-SWIS Facilitator Training MaterialsTraining materials package for anyone enrolled in the CICO-SWIS Facilitator training courseTraining Materials9/8/2016
CICO-SWIS Readiness Checklist.rtfCICO-SWIS Readiness ChecklistThe readiness checklist is a set of requirements for obtaining a CICO-SWIS license agreement. Work through a certified CICO-SWIS Facilitator to complete the readiness checklist.Forms7/24/2015
CICO-SWIS User Manual.pdfCICO-SWIS User ManualThe user manual for Check In Check Out (CICO-SWIS)Manuals9/1/2017
Guidelines for Motivation.pdfGuidelines for MotivationThis document provides a brief guide to understanding the function of a student’s problem behavior. When introducing a school to PBIS, SWIS, and/or other function-based practices, this document can be shared with school staff. Miscellaneous Supporting Material1/25/2017
PBIS and MTSS Program Examples.zipPBIS and MTSS Program ExamplesExamples of flowchart and outlines for building program descriptions across tiers of support to assist with meeting readiness.Samples and Templates7/24/2015
PBISApps Update for Facilitators - Chicago Forum 2013.pptxPBISApps Update for Facilitators - Chicago Forum 2013Slidedeck from facilitator update presentation given at the National PBIS Leadership Forum in Chicago.Miscellaneous Supporting Material10/9/2013
PBIS-MTSS Data Analyst and Meeting Minute Templates.zipPBIS-MTSS Data Analyst and Meeting Minute TemplatesExamples of tools to organize SWIS Suite data for decision making. This folder includes data analyst worksheets to organize SWIS, CICO-SWIS, and ISIS-SWIS data before a meeting as well as meeting minute templates to organize decisions.Samples and Templates9/10/2015
Point Card Examples.rtfPoint Card ExamplesExamples of point cards that are compatible with CICO-SWIS data entry for the Check-In Check-Out intervention.Samples and Templates7/24/2015
Publication References for Using Data for Decision Making.pdfPublication References for Using Data for Decision MakingThis reference list can be used by school teams, school administrators, and SWIS facilitators as a resource for guiding the use of data for decision making.Miscellaneous Supporting Material1/3/2013
Swift at CICO-SWIS.zipSwift at CICO-SWISSwift at CICO-SWIS user training materials. Folder includes: facilitator slides and participant activity packet. Training Materials7/24/2015
SWIS Suite Global Edition License Agreement.pdfSWIS Suite Global Edition License AgreementLicense Agreement for the SWIS Suite Global EditionPolicies6/23/2016
SWIS Suite License Agreement.zipSWIS Suite License AgreementThe SWIS Suite License Agreement is to be used by SWIS facilitators when bringing new schools on to any SWIS Suite application. The signature page must be completed electronically prior to submission. Both electronic and printed signatures are allowed.Forms7/1/2017
SWIS Suite Person Import Specification.pdfSWIS Suite Person Import SpecificationThe SWIS Suite Person Import allows any SWIS Suite school to import a list of students or staff from their Student Information System into the SWIS application.Manuals10/29/2015