Data Entry and Report Generation Schedule Template.docData Entry and Report Generation Schedule TemplateA tool to organize the data entry and report needs for the student support teams.Samples and Templates7/1/2012
Demo Student Files.zipDemo Student FilesTwo complete student files with documentation needed for a coordinator or facilitator to practice setting the student up within ISIS-SWISSamples and Templates9/8/2016
Guidelines for Motivation.pdfGuidelines for MotivationThis document provides a brief guide to understanding the function of a student’s problem behavior. When introducing a school to PBIS, SWIS, and/or other function-based practices, this document can be shared with school staff. Miscellaneous Supporting Material1/25/2017
ISIS-SWIS User Manual.pdfISIS-SWIS User ManualThe user manual for the Individual Student Information System (ISIS-SWIS)Manuals9/1/2017
I-SWIS Facilitator Certification Materials.zipI-SWIS Facilitator Certification MaterialsThe I-SWIS Facilitator Certification Training is a 14-hour hybrid (both in person and online sessions) to prepare individuals who will support two or more local school in implementation of the I-SWIS web application.Training Materials9/1/2017
I-SWIS Facilitator Competency Checklist.rtfI-SWIS Facilitator Competency ChecklistThe final step of certification (or re-certification) as an I-SWIS facilitator is to complete a checklist to indicate confidence in performing the tasks associated with this role.Training Materials9/1/2017
I-SWIS Readiness Checklist.rtfI-SWIS Readiness ChecklistThe readiness checklist is a set of nine requirements for obtaining an ISIS- SWIS license agreement. Work through a certified ISIS-SWIS Facilitator to complete the readiness checklist. Updated for SWIS 5.Forms9/1/2017
I-SWIS Student File Set-Up Checklist.docxI-SWIS Student File Set-Up ChecklistA worksheet to guide decisions about the setup of individual student case files in the I-SWIS application. Examples of fidelity and outcome measures are included. Miscellaneous Supporting Material9/1/2017
PBIS and MTSS Program Examples.zipPBIS and MTSS Program ExamplesExamples of flowchart and outlines for building program descriptions across tiers of support to assist with meeting readiness.Samples and Templates7/24/2015
PBIS Annual Summary Tier I.pdfPBIS Annual Summary Tier IAnnual PBIS summary example showing how and what to share with teachers, staff and families at the end of the year.Samples and Templates11/7/2018
PBIS Annual Summary Tier II.pdfPBIS Annual Summary Tier IIAnnual PBIS summary example showing how and what to share with teachers, staff and families at the end of the year.Samples and Templates11/7/2018
PBIS Annual Summary Tiers I-III.pdfPBIS Annual Summary Tiers I-IIIAnnual PBIS summary example showing how and what to share with teachers, staff and families at the end of the year.Samples and Templates11/7/2018
PBIS-MTSS Data Analyst and Meeting Minute Templates.zipPBIS-MTSS Data Analyst and Meeting Minute TemplatesExamples of tools to organize SWIS Suite data for decision making. This folder includes data analyst worksheets to organize SWIS, CICO-SWIS, and ISIS-SWIS data before a meeting as well as meeting minute templates to organize decisions.Samples and Templates9/10/2015
Publication References for Using Data for Decision Making.pdfPublication References for Using Data for Decision MakingThis reference list can be used by school teams, school administrators, and SWIS facilitators as a resource for guiding the use of data for decision making.Miscellaneous Supporting Material1/3/2013
Swift at I-SWIS.zipSwift at I-SWISSwift at I-SWIS is a training that all I-SWIS coordinators and School-Wide Read Only users must complete with a certified I-SWIS facilitator prior to receiving access. The folder includes slides, participant activity packets, and two demo student files. Training Materials9/1/2017
SWIS Suite License Agreement.zipSWIS Suite License AgreementThe SWIS Suite License Agreement is to be used by SWIS facilitators when bringing new schools on to any SWIS Suite application. The signature page must be completed electronically prior to submission. Both electronic and printed signatures are allowed.Forms7/1/2017
SWIS Suite Person Import Specification.pdfSWIS Suite Person Import SpecificationThe SWIS Suite Person Import allows any SWIS Suite school to import a list of students or staff from their Student Information System into the SWIS application.Manuals3/11/2019
Tier III Data-Based Decision Making Templates.zipTier III Data-Based Decision Making TemplatesThis folder includes templates and examples of tools that can be used to organize data and decisions made about Tier III supports at the student and system levels. Examples include meeting minute forms, progress reports, and a fidelity checklist.Samples and Templates9/1/2017