Michigan Webinar (MI RESIDENTS ONLY)

 11/14/2019 12:00 PM to 11/14/2019 3:00 PM


This training prepares participants to support schools implementing the CICO-SWIS web application as a CICO-SWIS facilitator. Participants must be certified SWIS or I-SWIS facilitators to register for this training. Registration for the live webinar and certification must be completed by the participant and approved by the trainer.

CICO-SWIS Facilitator Certification Requirements include:
1. Complete a Screening Questionnaire to verify that the role of CICO-SWIS facilitator is a good fit for your current position.
2. Pre-Training Module. The Check In Check Out intervention is the backbone of the CICO-SWIS web application. A pre-assessment measures prior background knowledge. Module lessons review the purpose, core components, and research behind CICO. A post-assessment measures final understanding of CICO before the webinar. The pre-training module will open approximately two weeks prior to the webinar. Please schedule at least 75 minutes, no later than 24 hours before the webinar’s scheduled start time, to complete the module.
3. Attend the Live Webinar which includes lecture, demonstration, and activities related to the use of CICO-SWIS in monitoring the CICO intervention and the role of the CICO-SWIS facilitator in implementation. Participants are required to engage throughout the webinar and interact through discussion, poll questions, and other activities as directed.
4. Post-Training Certification Activities are the final demonstration of participant skills in using the CICO-SWIS application and knowledge related to facilitation tasks (e.g., readiness, licensing, user training, coaching, technical assistance). Activities must be completed within 2 weeks of the webinar and are reviewed by a PBISApps staff member.

Total time required is between 4 and 6 hours. For questions about the training or certification please contact training@pbisapps.org.

Terms for All Application Trainings

  • I have formal time allocated in my workload to perform Facilitator duties.
  • I am planning to implement the application(s) with 2 or more schools.
  • I am able to meet with implementing schools at least 3-5 times in a year to assess school readiness, train staff, and meet with teams to build fluency in using data for decision-making.
  • I have formal time allocated in my workload to complete all certification requirements, including associated activities and full attendance of the in-person sessions.

Additional Terms for I-SWIS Training ONLY

  • I have knowledge and/or experience using Targeted (Tier II) and Intensive (Tier III) systems of SWPBIS Support (e.g. basic behavioral theory, behavioral assessments, and support planning).
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Training Details

Cost: No Fee - Open to Michigan Residents Only
Training Coordinator:
Last Day to Register: 10/31/2019