APBS 2014 Chicago Sessions with PBISApps.zipAPBS 2014 Chicago Sessions with PBISAppsTraining materials used at the March 2014 APBS Conference in Chicago, Illinois. Session topics include: Collecting and Analyzing Data at Tiers II & III, Looping in District Decision Makers, TIPS II, and Progress Monitoring at Tier III.Training Materials3/18/2014
Early Childhood BoQ Presentation.pdfEarly Childhood BoQ PresentationThis PowerPoint presentation can be used with teams to train on entering ECBoQ data into PBIS Assessment.Training Materials3/5/2013
NWPBIS 2014 Jantzen Beach in Portland, OR Sessions with PBISApps.zipNWPBIS 2014 Jantzen Beach in Portland, OR Sessions with PBISAppsFeb. '14 NWPBIS Conference, topics: Collecting and Analyzing Data, Addressing Disproportionality with Ethnicity and Discipline Data, Supporting Student Success with CICO-SWIS, and Linking the Pieces of a Student’s Individualized Plan with ISIS-SWISTraining Materials3/18/2014
PBISApps Update for Facilitators - Chicago Forum 2013.pptxPBISApps Update for Facilitators - Chicago Forum 2013Slidedeck from facilitator update presentation given at the National PBIS Leadership Forum in Chicago.Miscellaneous Supporting Material10/9/2013
SWIS Data Summary 2007–08.pdfSWIS Data Summary 2007–08The SWIS summary data report for the 2007-08 school yearMiscellaneous Supporting Material7/1/2008
SWIS Data Summary 2008–09.pdfSWIS Data Summary 2008–09The SWIS summary data report for the 2008-09 school yearMiscellaneous Supporting Material8/24/2009
SWIS Data Summary 2009–10.pdfSWIS Data Summary 2009–10The SWIS summary data report for the 2009-10 school yearMiscellaneous Supporting Material8/13/2010
SWIS Data Summary 2010–11.pdfSWIS Data Summary 2010–11The SWIS summary data report for the 2010–11 school yearMiscellaneous Supporting Material7/28/2011
SWIS Data Summary 2011–12.pdfSWIS Data Summary 2011–12The SWIS summary data report for the 2011–12 school yearMiscellaneous Supporting Material8/15/2012
SWIS Data Summary 2012-13.pdfSWIS Data Summary 2012-13The SWIS summary data report for the 2012-13 school year.Miscellaneous Supporting Material8/30/2013
SWIS Data Summary 2013-14.pdfSWIS Data Summary 2013-14The SWIS summary data report for the 2013-14 school year.Miscellaneous Supporting Material8/19/2014
SWIS Data Summary 2017-18.pdfSWIS Data Summary 2017-18The SWIS summary data report for the 2017-18 school year. Includes referral averages, suspension averages, and national trends.Miscellaneous Supporting Material9/10/2018
SWIS Facilitator Training Materials.zipSWIS Facilitator Training MaterialsTraining materials for participants of the SWIS Facilitator Certification training. This folder includes slides, activities, and resources for the 2.5 day training.Training Materials8/30/2019