​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Integrating Your Student Information System Data with SWIS: What's Possible?

You collect multiple data points related to all aspects of student life in your building – testing, grades, attendance, behavior, and more. Someone in your building uses each piece of information collected in specific software for a specific purpose. As you begin to use the SWIS Suite, you may start to notice how you collect similar data in another system. You need efficient solutions to manage the information you collect and the ways in which you collect it. If you're looking for ways to integrate data between SWIS and another system you use, we have some options available to you, right now. ​

Integration Options


​Export Referral Data for One School

You can export all of the referrals for one school with the SWIS Drill Down too​l.

  1. Log into your SWIS account.
  2. Click on Drill Down.
  3. From the Report Filters listed on the left, select the data to include or exclude from the dataset. By default, the current school year is already included in the dataset. Note: If you want to include all data from all years, remove all school years from the "Include in Dataset" field, making it empty.
  4. Click Generate.
  5. Click the Export button locate just above the generated report. This downloads an Excel spreadsheet with the data used to generate the report.

Export Referral Data for Multiple Schools in a District

SDEX exports data across multiple schools into a single file. Set up one or more schools in a batch export. Use the data to create custom district-wide reports. Download data manually as you need it or setup automated downloads to happen regularly.

  1. Go to the SDEX login
  2. Click Create Account.
  3. Fill out the form to activate your SDEX login information.
  4. Click Create Account.
  5. Check the inbox of the email address you entered. Click the link to verify the account.
  6. Once the email address has been verified, at the Login screen, enter your email address and password.
  7. Click Login.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. Follow the instructions in the application to add schools to your account and create batch downloads.​

For more information about how to use SDEX, take a l​ook at the SDEX Users Manual​​.​​​

Import Student and Staff Rosters

The SWIS Suite can upload your student and staff rosters! The Person Import tool, available in any SWIS Suite account, provides schools with an efficient alternative to hand-entering student and staff information. Importing these records reduces the amount of time your school spends manually entering data already available in another system.

Who Uploads?

Anyone with access to an individual SWIS Suite account. Whoever uses this feature will need to know how to use spreadsheets. Someone with the ability to download student and staff rosters from your SIS will need to participate in the process – this can be you or someone else.

How to Upload?

Users upload a CSV file (Comma Separate Values; a format available in any spreadsheet program including Microsoft Excel) directly through the SWIS application as needed. Data must meet certain requirements to ensure a clean import of person records without creating duplicates.

How Often?

Once at the beginning of the year and again as needed when new students and staff enroll in your building. Users can add new people through Person Management one at a time if it's more efficient.

How to Get Started?

  1. In the SWIS Suite, go to Tools in the main navigation and click Person Import.
  2. Correct any errors listed in the Issues Preventing Import section.
  3. Create the student or staff export from your student information system based on the technical specification.
  4. Go to https://sandbox.swis.org to import the roster(s) in your sandbox account.
  5. Follow the Person Import Wizard to upload the file to your sandbox account.
  6. Once the file uploads successfully, go to https://www.pbisapps.org and log in to your live SWIS account.
  7. Go to Tools in the main navigation and click Person Import. Note: It may take as long as 15 minutes for the live site to register your successful sandbox upload.
  8. Click the Enable Person Import button in the notification located at the top right corner of the Person Import screen.
  9. Follow the Person Import Wizard to upload the tested roster to your live account.

For more information about the format of student and/or staff roster files, take a look at the Person Import Technical Specification​.

Person I​mport Technical Specification​

 Watch How It's Done



Import Referrals and/or Student and Staff Roster Data for Multiple Schools in a District: What Can You Do Right Now?

A frequently asked data integration question is: Can I import our student, staff, and referral data from our student information system into our SWIS accounts? Transferring data from one system to another is technically straightforward; transferring referral data while maintaining data integrity for decision making is challenging. Teams need information to precisely answer the who, what, when, where, why of a problem.

Consider your district's student information system: Do you collect student motivation data in that system? SWIS requires motivation with every referral. When one system requires information the other system doesn't collect, teams lose access to important pieces of the decision-making puzzle. We need to integrate referral data in a way which allows teams to continue to make informed decisions, and that type of integration is complicated.

We are piloting a multi-school student, staff, and referral import process with some districts in the U.S.. While this option isn't available to all schools,  there are steps you can take right now to get ready.

Clean Up Data Integrity

If your school currently uses SWIS to enter referrals, view your account's data integrity and correct any errors before moving forward with any integration process. The SWIS Suite Data Integrity page displays potential errors in your account and gives you a way to correct them. Pay particular attention to any duplicate student or staff records or person records without district id numbers. Cleaning up your current data ensures any import happens successfully without creating errors.

Create a District-Wide Referral Form

Teams using referral data for progress monitoring need specific information to define problems in their building with greater precision. The SWIS Referral Data Entry screen contains each piece of information needed for the decision-making process. Consider your current student information system and referral form: Are all of the SWIS required fields present?

The referral form you use drives the data collected in your student information system. It is easier to integrate referrals when the fields most closely align with data collected directly in the SWIS application. Districts considering integrating referral information for all schools can prepare by creating a standard, district-wide referral form.

The form should contain

  • All SWIS required fields
  • No open text fields

Create a Category Map

Referrals coming from another source have categories not represented in the SWIS application. Each of these categories has to match with a category in the SWIS application. Our developers use the map you create as the interpretive key for every referral imported to the SWIS database. For example: If a student receives a referral for inappropriate cell phone use, we will import that referral in the SWIS application as a Minor Technology Violation. Defining the map can take more time to complete than you might expect. Gather your stakeholders together and work on cross-referencing your student information system's codes with the SWIS codes.

Request Changes to Your Student Information System

If your student information system does not contain the same set of required fields for referral data entry as SWIS, make a request for your provider to add these fields. Ensuring your system has all of the data collected and those same fields are required will put your schools in a good position to integrate referral information when the time comes.​​

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