​​​​Here are frequently asked questions regarding how our applications are priced and billed. 
​Q: Are subscriptions prorated by the day or the month?
A: All SWIS Suite subscription fees are prorated by the month. We do not prorate for partial months. Schools adding subscriptions November 1st are invoiced the base rate prorated from November. Schools adding subscriptions November 2nd are invoiced the base rate prorated from the next full month – December.


Purchase of 1 app (​$350)

Purchase of 2 app bundle ($460)

Purchase of 3 app bundle ($570)

















































​​Q: When does a subscription get a bundled discount?
A: Applications purchased as a bundle at the initial point of purchase will receive the bundled discount. Applications purchased one at a time throughout the year are each billed at the prorated 1-app rate. All applications initially purchased a la carte will be renewed at bundled rates.

For example, a school adds I-SWIS on October 1 to its existing SWIS subscription. The school would be billed the prorated, one-app price for October of $320.83 for the subscription added mid-year. The following September, the school would receive the 2-app bundled rate of $460 for its SWIS + I-SWIS subscription.  

​A note about renewals: In order to send invoices on September 1, we start the renewal process in August. To guarantee a bundled rate for the upcoming school year, please submit paperwork to our office before August 1. Subscriptions added after August 1 will be billed for the upcoming school year at a la carte prices.

Q: Can I pay for an application bundle in advance if I know we will purchase additional applications later in the year?
A: Yes. Any school may prepay its subscription fees. If you are not signed up to use additional applications within the SWIS Suite, but know you will later in the year, you can take advantage of the bundled discount by paying in advance the bundled rate. For more information about how your school might be able to take advantage of this option, please contact our account management team​.

Q: Are tiered discounts applied based on the number of schools on an invoice or the number of schools subscribing to a giving bundle?
A: Tiered discounts are provided to any organization paying for 20 or more schools on a single invoice, regardless of the number of applications to which each school subscribes. Tiered discounts are described below:



​Purchase of 1-app

Purchase of 2-app bundle

Purchase of 3-app bundle

1-19 schools




20-39 schools

$315 (10% discount)

$414 (10% discount)

$513 (10% discount)

40+ schools

$280 (20% discount)

$368 (20% discount)

$456 (20% discount)

Q: Is there a free trial period for the SWIS Suite applications?
A: Free trial periods are not be available for the SWIS Suite. However, free demo versions of each application are always available for preview. Each demo contains sample data and full functionality without the ability to save. To preview any of the applications PBISApps offers, please visit our demo page​.

Q: Can I prepay my school’s subscription fee?
A: Yes. Please contact our account management team to request an invoice for your school’s future subscriptions. You may prepay for up to three years in advance.

Q: What are the payment terms for SWIS Suite subscriptions?
A: All subscription fees are invoiced with payment terms of net 30 days. 
  • The first notice of past due payment will be mailed 30 days after the initial invoice date.
  • The second notice of past due payment will be mailed 30 days after the first notice date.
  • Subscriptions are suspended 30 days after the second notice pending receipt of payment.
  • For renewing subscribers, the invoicing schedule will be:

I​nitial Invo​ice

1st past due notice​

2nd past due notice






Q: Where can I get a copy of my invoice?
A: We are happy to provide you with a copy of your invoice. Please contact our account management team​.

Q: What forms of payment are accepted?
A: We accept payment in the form of check or credit card. Checks should be made payable to the University of Oregon. Credit card payments can be made online​. We accept VISA and MasterCard. Unfortunately, credit card payments cannot be accepted over the phone.

Q: Can I pay my subscription with a purchase order (PO)?
A: We gladly accept purchase orders. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept them as final payment for your subscription. If a purchase order number is part of your process, please send it and we will be sure to note the information on your account. If payment has not been received by the suspension notice, your account may be suspended for non-payment.