Get to know your PBIS implementation with our free, online app for conducting evidence-based surveys like the TFI and the School Climate Survey.

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PBIS Assessment

PBIS Assessment is your space to manage, enter, and review survey data to improve your school’s PBIS implementation. Did we mention it's free?

Implementing PBIS requires a commitment to evaluate both the systems and the practices supporting students every day. PBIS Assessment gives you access to the evidence-based surveys you need to measure the fidelity of your implementation, to understand its impact, and to start creating the kind of school where everyone feels successful.

Why would you guess how things are going when PBIS Assessment can show you?


Assess Fidelity with the Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI)

The most efficient evidence-based survey for answering the question: Are we doing what we said we would do?

  • Score progress in one, two, or all three tiers of implementation.
  • Enter scores online during your team meeting and get reports immediately after.
  • Celebrate changes over time with multi-year reports for total, scale, and subscale scores.
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Assess Impact with the School Climate Survey

Find out how your PBIS implementation works for students, family, and staff members.

  • Five evidence-based surveys each tailored to the appropriate audience.
  • Copy and paste a link to the survey and send it to your school's participants.
  • Survey responses are as anonymous as you want them to be.
  • Reports automatically summarize responses letting you focus on problem solving from the very beginning.
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Responsive Reports

When surveys have so many layers, let the reports show you results from every angle.

  • Total scores give a big-picture perspective on how your implementation is going.
  • Drill down to subscale scores to find where to focus attention for improvement.
  • View individual item responses to create solutions as specific as you need them to be.

Flexible, Efficient Survey Management

No matter the schedule your districts is on, when to take each survey is entirely up to you.

  • Open surveys months ahead of time or on the day you want to take them.
  • Extend a survey window to give people more time to respond.
  • Manage one school's survey schedule or multiple schools' schedules all in one place.

More Surveys

If your school takes other surveys to assess your implementation beyond what you get from the TFI and SCS, here are the extra surveys we offer on PBIS Assessment.

  • Fidelity Surveys:
    Benchmarks of Quality
    Self-Assessment Survey
    Early Childhood Benchmarks of Quality
  • Feedback Survey: Feedback and Input Survey

Reports On Demand

Reports available as soon as you click Submit on your survey.

Data Exports

Export any survey's raw data as either an Excel or CSV file.

Anonymous Data

Protect privacy with the option to submit anonymous responses.

Back-enter Data

Add data from surveys you took years ago to see changes over time.

Intuitive Data Entry

Click-through screens and drop-down menus keep data consistent and accurate.

Manage Team Members

Add a new team member or delete a former one.

Edit Responses

Mistakes happen. Correct them inside the app.

Dashboard Details

Get an overview of survey details on the very first screen.

Role-Based Access

Let users access the information they need to support their roles on your team.

Unlimited Users

Set up and manage as many users as your school needs at no additional cost.

Encrypted & Secure

Protect your data with end-to-end encryption, on servers housed behind a secure firewall.

Inclusive Pricing

All features are included for free; no hidden fees or subscription levels.



The Surveys

PBIS Assessment has two surveys we recommend every school use during the year: the Tiered Fidelity Inventory and the School Climate Survey. There are several other surveys available to assess specific aspects of your implementation. If you are stuck on where to start, we suggest you start with the TFI and the climate surveys.

Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI)

The TFI gives teams a single, efficient, valid, reliable survey to guide implementation and sustained use of PBIS. Using the TFI, teams assess the core features of PBIS at all three tiers – either individually or collectively.

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School Climate Survey

The School Climate Survey is a set of five surveys to measure how specific groups perceive school climate:

Elementary Grades 3-5
Middle/High Grades 6-12 (brief & extended)
School Personnel

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Ready to get started?

The first step is to contact a local PBIS Assessment Coordinator – ideally someone in your district – using our Find a Coordinator tool. If a local coordinator isn't available, you or someone in your district can fill out a Local Coordinator Information Form and submit the completed form to our customer support team. For more information on the process, you can always reach out to one of our customer support representatives who would be happy to discuss how PBIS Assessment can work for your specific needs.

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