Monitor referral patterns, CICO implementation, and fidelity of implementation across a whole district, region, or state.

Get PBIS Evaluation
PBIS Evaluation

Understand the impact your implementation has had on student outcomes in every school you support all within a single application.

Whether you are a district-level coordinator, a state-wide evaluator, a regional coach, or simply someone managing PBIS implementation across several schools, PBIS Evaluation delivers the data you need to answer the questions that come up in every meeting:

Are we doing what we said we would do? 
What kind of impact does it have on our students?


Multi-School TFI Reports

Stop wrestling with spreadsheets. Let PBIS Evaluation show you every school's TFI score.

  • See how many schools met fidelity criteria, how many did not, and how those numbers change year to year.
  • Summarize subscale and item scores and know exactly where to direct your professional development efforts in the coming year.
  • Break up schools by grade level to view implementation in elementary, middle, and high schools separately.

CICO Implementation Effects

Combine point card data across CICO-SWIS subscribers and get to know the program's impact on student outcomes.

  • View the number of students participating in CICO across grade levels, from year to year.
  • Keep track of system-wide success in the intervention.
  • Monitor the average number of points students enrolled in CICO earn across schools.

System-wide Referral Patterns

Eight reports summarize SWIS data across every school you support and reveal the patterns you need to drive the decisions you make.

  • Compare your schools' average referrals per 100 students per day counts with national averages.
  • Analyze referral rates across racial and ethnic groups.
  • Check out the impact of exclusionary discipline on the number of instructional days missed due to suspension.

Cohort Builder

Group schools together by similarities and view their data collectively.

More Survey Info

View BoQ, TIC, SAS, SET, and SSS data for schools using those surveys.


Multi-Year Reports

Limit reports to a single year or span across multiple years.


Disaggregated Equity Data

Report discipline patterns broken out by race/ethnicity.

Anonymous Data

View school data, never individual student or staff data.

Personalized Training

Receive a 2-hour training included with your subscription.

Data Exports

Export any report's raw data as either an Excel or CSV file.

Drill Down

Summarize data across all schools, cohorts, or down to the individual school.

Alternative Schools

Include or exclude alternative schools' data from reports as needed.

Unlimited Users

Add as many users as your organization needs at no additional cost.

Encrypted & Secure

Protect your data with end-to-end encryption, on servers housed behind a secure firewall.

Inclusive Pricing

All PBIS Evaluation features are included out of the box; no hidden fees or subscription levels.











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Ready to get started?

All we need is a signed license agreement and completed evaluator forms for anyone who needs access to your PBIS Evaluation subscription. If you are a regional organization, we'll also need completed district permission forms from the districts included in your region. Once you have all the forms ready to go, send them to our Account Management and Support team. We'll be in touch to schedule your one-on-one personalized training.

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