Collect early childhood program incident data and make active, data-driven decisions to create the kind of program where every child is successful.

The Early Childhood School-Wide Information System

EC-SWIS is your comprehensive, online home for understanding the behaviors happening in your building every day.

EC-SWIS gives you the power of the School-wide Information System (SWIS) combined with the Behavior Incident Report System (BIRS) tailored to match the realities of early childhood settings. You get the same efficient data entry space, the same powerhouse reports, the same customization options updated to reflect the behaviors, schedules, and follow-up options unique to your program.

Let EC-SWIS improve your decision making in ways you never thought possible.


Incident Data

If you’re going to collect data, make the
information meaningful. What if there was a way for you to know:

  • How often do behavior incidents happen in our program?
  • What are the most common behaviors we see?
  • During which activities do behaviors happen most often?
  • How do the adults respond to these behaviors?
  • What are our best guesses for why these behaviors happen in the first place?

Incident Entry

When time is valuable, you need efficient tools to fit with the systems you already have.


Powerhouse Reports

15 program-wide reports come standard with every subscription. With one click:


Exclusive Reports

Two specialized reports just for early childhood programs.

  • The Activity Report gives you a lens into the behaviors happening during specific moments in the day.
  • The Response Report highlights the strategies teachers use every day to respond to the behaviors they see
  • Closely monitor behaviors happening program-wide all the way down to the individual child.
  • Integrate seamlessly with CICO-SWIS 
    and I-SWIS.

Focus on Equity

Let the Equity Report describe how children experience program-wide discipline based on their race, ethnicity, gender, language, or IEP status.

  • Immediately find the answers to the question, “Do we refer and suspend all groups equally in our school?”
  • Interpretive sentences included with each graph eliminate guesswork and guide you through decision making.
  • Break down incident rates by the included demographic data.
Watch Equity Report Series

Drill Down

Use drag-and-drop filters to narrow down a problem to its root cause.

Minor Behaviors

Track classroom-managed behaviors before they become bigger headaches.

Role-Based Access

Let users access the information they need to support their roles on your team.

Custom Fields

Collect the data unique to your program not found in EC-SWIS drop-down menus.

Cross-App Data

View incidents in CICO-SWIS and I-SWIS reports.

Data Exports

Save data from a Drill Down report as a spreadsheet.

Draft Incidents

Start an incident and save it as a draft to come back and finish documenting later.

Every Behavior, Every Action Taken

Document every misbehavior, every action taken with every incident.

Unlimited Users

Set up and manage as many users as your program needs at no additional cost.

Import Rosters

Skip manual entry—import child and staff records automatically.

Encrypted & Secure

Protect your data with end-to-end encryption, on servers housed behind a secure firewall.

Inclusive Pricing

All EC-SWIS features are included out of the box; no hidden fees or subscription levels.




Bundled discounts available at time of purchase.

Data Integration


EC-SWIS integrates your data automatically.

EC-SWIS is Part of the SWIS Suite

Using one app in the suite gives you insights you never had before. Use all three and you have yourself a powerful teammate working with you in every decision you make.


Enter Check-in Check-out point card data to monitor student progress and keep an eye on how effective the intervention is for those enrolled.

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Set up customized data entry screens and start monitoring even the most complex individual student support plans in your building.

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Ready to get started?

Step one is to contact an EC-SWIS endorsed facilitator in your area. Facilitators support schools throughout the process of setting up subscriptions, training new users, and coaching teams to make data-driven decisions. If you can't find a facilitator or you are ready to become a facilitator yourself, check out our calendar of upcoming facilitator training events!

Still have questions? Check out the interactive EC-SWIS demo or use the Get In Touch button below to talk to our customer support team about how EC-SWIS will work for your school’s unique needs.

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