Collect student Check-In Check-Out point card data to monitor their progress and keep an eye on how effective the intervention is for those enrolled.

Check-In Check-OUT SWIS

You deserve a powerful teammate guiding your decisions surrounding your students who need additional support. CICO-SWIS is that teammate.

In Check-In Check-Out, students connect with teachers throughout the day. Teachers give students points as a way to talk about how things are going, to keep them encouraged, and to be supported whenever challenges come up. CICO-SWIS takes the points your students earn and shows you the ways your Check-In Check-Out program serves their needs and how you can improve the intervention.


Customized Point Cards

Create digital point cards that look just like the cards your students carry with them during the day.

  • Set your school's three, four, or five school-wide expectations so CICO-SWIS adds up everyone's points correctly.
  • Customize the name and number of check-in periods to match your school's program.
  • Collect data on the weekends, if you want.

Intuitive Reports

How is your CICO intervention going? With these five core reports, you won’t have to guess the answers.

  • Check program-wide reports for what's working well and where to improve the intervention for all students enrolled.
  • Individual student reports tell you quickly who might need additional support.
  • Drill down into students' points to know exactly where to target plan changes.
  • Display SWIS referral counts in student reports for a fuller picture of what might have happened during the day.

Individualized Student Enrollment

The intervention is the same for all students; their participation can be unique.

  • Enter points only for the number of periods students check in.
  • Set individual point goals for each student enrolled.
  • Track student absences per day or per period.

No School Days

Set the whole day as a no school day for every student.

Standard Card

Save time and create one point card for all students enrolled.

Plan Changes

Mark when a student's plan changes and display that change on graphs.

Easy Enrollment

Enroll any student from your school's SWIS Suite student roster.


Enter student points and CICO-SWIS automatically calculates daily percentages.

Card Templates

Create new digital point card templates without affecting previous data.

Back-enter Data

Enter point card data from a date prior to today.


Enroll students, fade them off CICO, and enroll them again as many times as needed.

Cross App Data

View student SWIS referrals in CICO-SWIS.

Role-based Access

Let users access the information they need to support their roles on your team.

Unlimited Users

Set up and manage as many users as your schools needs at no additional cost.

Import Rosters

Skip manual entry—upload student and staff records automatically.

Encrypted & Secure

Protect your data with end-to-end encryption, on servers housed behind a secure firewall.

Inclusive Pricing

All CICO-SWIS features come out of the box; no hidden fees or subscription levels.




Bundle discount available at time of purchase.

Data Integration


SWIS integrates your data automatically.

CICO-SWIS is Part of the SWIS Suite

Using one app in the suite gives you insights you never had before. Use all three and you’ve got yourself a powerful teammate working with you in every decision you make.


Use office discipline referral data to know what’s going on school-wide.


Set up customized data entry screens and start monitoring even the most complex individual student support plans in your building.









Ready to get started?

Step one is to contact a CICO-SWIS facilitator in your area. Facilitators support schools throughout the process of setting up subscriptions, training new users, and coaching teams to make data-driven decisions. If you can't find a facilitator or you are ready to become a facilitator yourself, check out our calendar of upcoming facilitator training events!

Still have questions? Check out the interactive CICO-SWIS demo or use the Get In Touch button below to talk to our customer support team about how CICO-SWIS will work for your school’s unique needs.

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