Data Entry and Reporting Schedule.rtfData Entry and Reporting ScheduleHelpful for getting organized and sustaining the use of SWIS data. The schedule helps to organize data entry and reporting needs around discipline decision time lines and meeting schedules.Forms1/10/2006
DataLink Users Manual.pdfDataLink Users ManualUser's manual guiding one through the use of DataLink to upload student, staff and referral data into SWIS.Manuals8/2/2017
Facilitator Action Plan for School Support.pdfFacilitator Action Plan for School SupportThis assists SWIS facilitators in the process of supporting a school with SWIS implementation. The form breaks down the tasks related to each of the eight steps of the SWIS Facilitator's role.Forms9/3/2012
Facilitator Action Planning Guide.pdfFacilitator Action Planning GuideProvides an outline to assist SWIS facilitators in organizing their efforts toward providing critical and on-going assistance to school personnel in four areas: compatibility, licensing and training, use of SWIS data for decision making, and maintenance.Training Materials1/10/2006
Guidelines for Motivation.pdfGuidelines for MotivationThis document provides a brief guide to understanding the function of a student’s problem behavior. When introducing a school to PBIS, SWIS, and/or other function-based practices, this document can be shared with school staff. Miscellaneous Supporting Material1/25/2017
I-SWIS Student File Fidelity Checklist.docxI-SWIS Student File Fidelity ChecklistThis checklist allows facilitators, coordinators, and/or student support teams to measure the basic fidelity of an Student Case File in I-SWIS. Items include case file set-up, data entry, and data analysis routines. Miscellaneous Supporting Material9/1/2017
PBIS and MTSS Program Examples.zipPBIS and MTSS Program ExamplesExamples of flowchart and outlines for building program descriptions across tiers of support to assist with meeting readiness.Samples and Templates7/24/2015
PBISApps Update for Facilitators - Chicago Forum 2013.pptxPBISApps Update for Facilitators - Chicago Forum 2013Slidedeck from facilitator update presentation given at the National PBIS Leadership Forum in Chicago.Miscellaneous Supporting Material10/9/2013
PBIS-MTSS Data Analyst and Meeting Minute Templates.zipPBIS-MTSS Data Analyst and Meeting Minute TemplatesExamples of tools to organize SWIS Suite data for decision making. This folder includes data analyst worksheets to organize SWIS, CICO-SWIS, and ISIS-SWIS data before a meeting as well as meeting minute templates to organize decisions.Samples and Templates9/10/2015
Publication References for Using Data for Decision Making.pdfPublication References for Using Data for Decision MakingThis reference list can be used by school teams, school administrators, and SWIS facilitators as a resource for guiding the use of data for decision making.Miscellaneous Supporting Material1/3/2013
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