Data Entry and Reporting Schedule.rtfData Entry and Reporting ScheduleHelpful for getting organized and sustaining the use of SWIS data. The schedule helps to organize data entry and reporting needs around discipline decision time lines and meeting schedules.Forms1/10/2006
DataLink Technical Documentation People Only.pdfDataLink Technical Documentation People OnlyThe technical manual for sites uploading student and staff rosters to the SWIS Suite using the DataLink service.Manuals10/20/2020
DataLink Technical Documentation Referrals and People.pdfDataLink Technical Documentation Referrals and PeopleThe technical manual for sites uploading referral records and student and staff rosters to the SWIS Suite using the DataLink serviceManuals4/5/2021
DataLink Users Manual.pdfDataLink Users ManualUser's manual guiding one through the use of DataLink to upload student, staff and referral data into SWIS.Manuals8/2/2017
EC-SWIS Behavior Incident Report Process and Category Definitions.rtfEC-SWIS Behavior Incident Report Process and Category DefinitionsEC-SWIS behavior incident report categories and definitions. The categories are mutually exclusive and have been chosen using evidence-based research.Forms4/6/2020
EC-SWIS Behavior Incident Report.docxEC-SWIS Behavior Incident ReportExample of an incident form that is compatible with EC-SWIS.Forms4/6/2020
EC-SWIS Readiness Checklist.pdfEC-SWIS Readiness ChecklistThe Readiness Checklist is a list of ten requirements for obtaining the Early Childhood version of the SWIS License Agreement. Work through a certified EC-SWIS endorsed Facilitator to complete the EC-SWIS Readiness Checklist items.Forms4/6/2020
EC-SWIS Users Manual.pdfEC-SWIS Users ManualThe user manual for the Early Childhood version of the School-Wide Information System (SWIS).Manuals4/6/2020
Facilitator Action Plan for School Support.pdfFacilitator Action Plan for School SupportThis assists SWIS facilitators in the process of supporting a school with SWIS implementation. The form breaks down the tasks related to each of the eight steps of the SWIS Facilitator's role.Forms9/3/2012
Facilitator Action Planning Guide.pdfFacilitator Action Planning GuideProvides an outline to assist SWIS facilitators in organizing their efforts toward providing critical and on-going assistance to school personnel in four areas: compatibility, licensing and training, use of SWIS data for decision making, and maintenance.Training Materials1/10/2006
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