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Jan 18, 2022

Ep. 15: Uplifting Student Voices in Implementation

In this episode, learn about one county’s strategy to engage student voices and improve the way school works for everyone.

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After the annual PBIS Leadership Forum held this October, I caught up on some of the sessions I missed by watching the recordings. I came across a presentation called “Youth Speaking Up About Inequity: Their Experiences Through Their Own Voices” given by Dr. Felicia Singleton and Marcus Jackson. The two of them presented on the ways they have engaged and uplifted students’ voices in their county to address the systems contributing to the inequities students experienced. Specifically, San Diego County Office of Education hosted a series of student panels, moderated by university students, and attended by adults from around the region. During these Zoom sessions, students shared openly about the challenges they’ve faced as members of marginalized communities. Their commentary was honest, authentic, and brave, even when their truth was hard to hear as an adult.

We had to know more about what it was like to organize these discussions and about the impact they’ve had since. So, we invited them to join us today!

Dr. Felicia Singleton is the Director of System of Supports at San Diego County Office of Education. She works with schools and districts on the implementation of equity-centered, multi-tiered systems of support as well as restorative practices and social emotional learning.

Marcus Jackson is an Executive Consultant and Content Lead for the San Diego South County Special Education Local Plan Area’s (SELPA) Equity, Disproportionality, and Design team. He consults with districts about their climate and culture as well as the implementation and sustainability of their multi-tiered systems of support.

For more information about Felicia and Marcus’ work, check out these links:

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Megan Cave

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