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May 17, 2022

Ep. 19: Post-conference Wrap-up 2022

In today’s Expert Instruction episode, our PBISApps team shares answers to some of the most pressing questions we heard at the vendor booth during three PBIS conferences.

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This spring, we were fortunate enough to attend not one, not two, but three, in-person PBIS conferences. We know scheduling conflicts and budget constraints can get in the way of making it possible for everyone to register. So, this month we decided to take some time to share our conference experiences, the conversations we had, and the things we learned during our time at these events.

In our Teach by Design article, we’ve got a list of 12 tips and tricks we picked up from conference sessions devoted to social-emotional learning and mental health. In today’s Expert Instruction episode, we’re bringing together our PBISApps team to share some of the most pressing questions we answered at our vendor booth.

Joining the conversation is Katie Schulz, one of our Customer Support Specialists here at PBISApps. Katie is a 7-year veteran on our Customer Support Team. If you’ve ever had a question about how to use any of our apps, you’ve probably spoken to Katie.

Jessica Daily is our Training Team Lead who’s been with PBISApps for more than 6 years. You may have crossed paths with her when you attended one of our SWIS Facilitator Certification trainings or one of our application webinars. She is a self-proclaimed “data geek” who loves to teach others to use data to inform practices and support positive change in our educational systems.

Robin Spoerl is our Marketing and Design Manager. Everyone gets to experience his work when they land on the PBISApps website, because he designed it! He has edited every tutorial video and designed each piece of swag you’ve ever picked up at our vendor booth.

For more information about some of the resources mentioned in this episode, check out the following links:

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Megan Cave


Megan Cave

Megan Cave is a member of the PBISApps Marketing and Communication team. She is the writer behind the user manuals, scripted video tutorials, and news articles for PBISApps. She also writes a monthly article for Teach by Design and contributes to its accompanying Expert Instruction podcast episode. Megan has completed four half marathons – three of which happened unintentionally – and in all likelihood, will run another in the future.

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