Expert Instruction Podcast
Aug 15, 2023

Ep. 31: Mythbusters — Students Don't Need to be Taught How to Behave, Do They?

When someone says students should already know how to behave at school, what's your reaction? Are they right? Join us as we explore what it means to commit to PBIS as a framework and why it's important not to assume what students already know.

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PBIS has its skeptics — folks who just aren’t so sure the framework is useful. It’s fair to question things. In fact, criticisms push us to think about how to make our implementation more inclusive. When you hear a critique or even a misperception, how do you respond?

We thought we’d help you out. Today’s episode of Expert Instruction is the first in our new series: PBIS Mythbusters.

Mythbusters was a television series where the two hosts, Adam and Jamie, would use science to test a myth and determine once and for all if it was true or not. If it wasn’t, they stamped the myth as officially busted. We’re taking our cue from that show by exploring some of the critiques about PBIS with experts from across the country. Together, we will figure out whether we can declare the statements true or busted!

The myth we’re talking about today is, “Students don’t need to be taught how to behave at school; they should just know.” Joining us in conversation is Dr. Jessica Daily and Mimi McGrath Kato.

  • Mimi is a Senior Research Assistant here at the UO. In her research, she focuses on implementing prevention systems at the high school level and improving outcomes for students in those places. She brings with her more than 25 years of experience either working in or alongside high schools across the country.
  • Jessica is the Professional Learning Administrator for Michigan’s MTSS Technical Assistance Center. Before working there, she spent time as a school psychologist, a PBIS district coach, a state-wide technical assistance provider, and up until about a month ago, the training team lead here at PBISApps.

For more information about the resources shared in the episode, check out the following links:

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Megan Cave

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Nadia K. Sampson has worked at Educational & Community Supports since 1997 and is currently a member of the PBISApps Training Team. Most recently she was added as a co-host of Expert Instruction: The Teach by Design Podcast. She and her husband are looking forward to some new adventures as empty-nesters!