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Apr 16, 2024

Ep 38: Mythbusters - There Are Some Students Skewing Our Schoolwide Data

In this episode, we challenge the common misconception that some students’ data skew our schoolwide trends and make it difficult to make decisions. Join us as we dig into what we mean when we say, “All means all.”

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Have you heard this before in your teams: If we removed these students from our schoolwide data, our trends would look better. In this episode, we’re tackling the myth that some students’ behavior data skew our schoolwide data. Joining us in this conversation are Rayann Silva and Mari Meador from the University of Washington’s School Mental Health Assessment Research and Training (SMART) Center.

Rayann has done it all in education. From classroom teacher to district administrator, to state/regional school mental health training and technical assistance provider, she centers social-emotional well-being in every role she holds. In her current work, she supports education agencies and school districts to deliver evidence-based strategies that improve social, emotional, and behavioral outcomes for all.

As an implementation coach, Mari supports schools in their implementation efforts. She has been a PBIS state facilitator, an assistant coordinator for the Northwest PBIS Network, and a school-based counselor and mental health associate. Mari is a forever advocate for system-level change, culturally responsive practices, and social-emotional learning.

Together, we talked about the unintended consequences of excluding some students from schoolwide data, and what it truly means to include every student’s experience in our schoolwide decisions.

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Megan Cave


Megan Cave

Megan Cave is a member of the PBISApps Marketing and Communication team. She is the writer behind the user manuals, scripted video tutorials, and news articles for PBISApps. She also writes a monthly article for Teach by Design and contributes to its accompanying Expert Instruction podcast episode. Megan has completed four half marathons – three of which happened unintentionally – and in all likelihood, will run another in the future.


Danielle Triplett

Danielle Triplett, M.Ed., is a Senior Research Assistant and member of the PBISApps training team. Danielle is a passionate educator and researcher dedicated to serving her community and advocating for the best interests of children and adolescents. Her areas of research and academic pursuits focus on improving educational equity, alternatives to exclusionary discipline, using data for decision-making, multi-tiered systems of support for behavior and mental health, and educational coaching. Prior to joining the University of Oregon, Danielle served as a district PBIS coach and a middle school language arts teacher. Outside the office, you can find her snowboarding, baking chocolate chip cookies, and daydreaming about interior design.