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Apr 20, 2021

Ep 8: How PBIS Practices Helped Us Through the Pandemic

​In this episode we talk to three experts who share their experiences using PBIS to guide them through the crisis that was the 2020-21 school year.

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From distance learning back to in-person instruction and everything in between, this last year required ingenuity and persistence from every school team. In the beginning, it looked like everything would be different. Inevitably, as time went on, the PBIS systems and practices you already had in place showed up to help you through the school year. In this episode of Expert Instruction, we’re looking back on the PBIS practices that supported you through the 2020-21 school year. We’ll explore the modifications made and how some of those modifications may turn into the way you'll do things from now on.

We’re joined by three experts who share with us their experiences using PBIS to guide them through the crisis of the last year.

  • Jennifer Bouckaert is the District Supervisor of Culture and Climate at Southbridge Public Schools in Southbridge, MA. She is a licensed School Adjustment Counselor and has worked in Southbridge for about six years supporting PBIS implementation within the district.
  • Kitty Clemens is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the Associate Director at Cedarhurst School. Cedarhurst is a therapeutic middle and high school serving students from all over Connecticut who have social, emotional and behavioral difficulties. Kitty has been at Cedarhurst for 18 years, originally running the clinical program and more recently in a general administrative role.  She was involved with the initial PBIS implementation at Cedarhurst 12 years ago and has been a member of the PBIS team ever since.
  • Luke Borowski is the Behavior Program Manager at Cedarhurst School. Luke has been with Cedarhurst for 13 years and is a true believer in the benefits PBIS brings to both students and staff in his school. He has a master’s in special education, enjoys sports and outdoor activities, and spending time with his wife and two daughters.

Be sure to check out their school and district websites for more information about the good work these experts are doing in their schools.

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Megan Cave


Megan Cave

Megan Cave is a member of the PBISApps Marketing and Communication team. She is the writer behind the user manuals, scripted video tutorials, and news articles for PBISApps. She also writes a monthly article for Teach by Design and contributes to its accompanying Expert Instruction podcast episode. Megan has completed four half marathons – three of which happened unintentionally – and in all likelihood, will run another in the future.

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