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May 16, 2024

Go Paperless With SWIS Mobile

Here’s a sneak peek of what referral entry looks like in SWIS Mobile, and how to use the app as part of your school’s referral workflow.

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The SWIS Mobile release is just around the corner on May 21. While our development team prepares to push the “Go Live” button for app stores, we’ve been finalizing some resources to get you familiar with the app before you can download it.

SWIS Mobile is ideal for entering referrals on the go, wherever student behavior happens. It doesn’t replace the web version of SWIS; it’s simply another way to document behavior. Here’s a sneak preview of what referral entry looks like in SWIS Mobile.

If your school uses paper referral forms and has been looking for a way to use a truly paperless process, SWIS Mobile is the perfect tool to make that transition. Here’s how we’d recommend taking advantage of referral workflows in SWIS. These are all steps you can take in the web version of SWIS right now before the app launches on May 21, so what are you waiting for?!

Enable Workflows in SWIS

The first tip is to enable referral workflows in your SWIS account under School Settings. To set up your referral workflow settings:

  1. Open Tools and click on School Settings > SWIS.
  2. Set the Referral Workflow setting to Yes.
  3. Decide on whether to allow users the option to save Staff-managed (minor) referrals as complete without a review.
  4. Select which staff will be responsible for reviewing referrals that come in.

With workflows enabled, you’re ready for the next step.

Give Staff Access to Enter Referrals

SWIS Mobile is free to download and use with your SWIS subscription and login information. If you want to use the app as part of your workflow, you need to give staff login access to enter referrals. You’ll do that in the web version, too, by going to User Management under the Tools menu.

There isn’t a limit to the number of people you can set up with referral entry only access. If you want every staff member in your school to be able to enter referrals, we recommend using Person Import to make sure every staff member is added to your staff list with an email address. Check out tip #5 in our article about using Person Import when setting up workflows for your school.  

Download SWIS Mobile and Start Entering Referrals

Once staff have verified their account and activated their login credentials, they can download SWIS Mobile and use it to enter referrals. If the web version of SWIS is more efficient, keep on using it for data entry. SWIS Mobile gives you another option for whenever referral entry needs to happen away from your computer.

With workflows enabled, on the last referral entry screen in SWIS Mobile you’ll have options to send the referral for review, save it as complete, or save it as a draft. Draft referrals move to Referral Management, where you can pick up where you left off whenever you have more time. Reviewers can check out referrals to complete in Referral Management, too.

When your school’s referral process is paperless, SWIS Mobile offers an efficient way to take data entry on the go. Set up your referral workflows and users today so you’re ready to go when SWIS Mobile launches on May 21.

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