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Jun 10, 2013

New Category Labels Coming Fall 2013 in SWIS 5

Based on your feedback and national reporting requirements, we have adjusted our categories to assist all schools in their decision-making process.

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With this fall’s exciting release of SWIS 5, we will introduce new labels to our referral definitions. Based on your feedback and national reporting requirements, we have adjusted our categories to assist all schools in their decision-making process. Be sure to update your referral forms to include these changes as we all prepare for SWIS 5.0

Category Changes

Possible Motivation will become Perceived Motivation

For many, motivation can be a difficult piece of data to collect. By changing the category from possible to perceived, the person reporting the motivation can acknowledge the motivation they report as simply a best guess.

Administrative Decision will become Action Taken

Not all consequences for behaviors are decided by an administrator. There are times the decision is made by a staff member in the moment. We have updated the category to Action Taken to reflect how anyone in the building could respond to a behavior incident.

Seclusion and Restraint Added

More and more states require schools to report specific incidents involving seclusion and/or restraint. In SWIS 5, schools  will have the ability to identify whether seclusion and/or restraint were involved as part of each incident. Schools are not required to use this category; None is selected by default. The definitions provided are based on documentation from the U.S. Department of Education on restraint and seclusion.

Restraint: Any measure or condition used to immobilize or reduce the ability of a student to move his or her torso, arms, legs, or head freely.

Seclusion: The involuntary confinement of a student alone in a room or area from which the student is physically prevented from leaving.

Restraint & Seclusion: The use of both restraint and seclusion.

None: No restraint or seclusion was used.

Label Changes

Bullying and Harassment will be Separate Labels

As a response to state’s requiring schools to report incidents of bullying separately from incidents of harassment, we will separate these problem behaviors within SWIS. In addition, schools will have the ability to link harassment types directly to this problem behavior as a default custom field.

Bullying: The delivery of direct or technology-based messages that involve intimidation, teasing, taunting, threats, or name calling.

Harassment: The delivery of disrespectful messages in any format related to gender, ethnicity, sex, race, religion, disability, physical features, or other protected class.

Disrespect will be Defined Separately from Defiance/Insubordination/Non-compliance

Based on user feedback, we’ve pulled Disrespect out as its own behavior separate from Defiance/Insubordination/Non-compliance. The primary distinction between the two labels rests with the others involved: Disrespect could involve student-to-student interactions as well as student-to-staff interactions; Defiance/Insubordination/Non-compliance incidents would involve student-to-staff interactions only.

Defiance/Insubordination/Non-compliance: Student engages in refusal to follow directions or talks back.

Disrespect: Student delivers socially rude or dismissive messages to adults or students.

Two New Labels will be Added to Action Taken:

Alternative Setting Placement: Consequence for referral results in student being placed in a different educational setting.

Additional Attendance/Saturday School: Consequence for referral results in student attending classes on a Saturday.

None and Unknown will no Longer be an Option Under Action Taken

Action Pending will be added. Taking the time to complete a referral form for an incident means someone has likely taken the time to act on the behavior. Whether the action is large or small, an action is likely part of every referral written in your building. With SWIS 5, schools will no longer have the option to select None under Action Taken. Instead, if a referral is left pending a decision, schools will have the ability to select Action Pending under Action Taken. Referrals listed with Action Pending should be modified within SWIS as soon as an action is taken.

Action Pending: Consequence for referral is pending. Referral will be modified when an action taken is determined.

Supporting Documents Updated

Our supporting documents have been updated and are available to you today to prepare for next year.

Referral Category Definitions
Referral Form Examples

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