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May 21, 2018

New Feature Alert: Find Referral for Referral Entry Only Users

Are you a Referral Entry Only User looking for a referral you wrote? There's a new SWIS feature to help you find it.

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​When a student does something in your class warranting a trip to the office, you write the referral and send them to talk with your administrator. The next thing you know, you look up and your student is back in their seat. How do you find out what happened in the 30 minutes they were away?

Up until now, if you are a Referral Entry Only user, you had to depend solely on a follow-up conversation with an administrator. Now, all of that information is available to you online right inside SWIS with Find Referral.

Find Referral isn’t new to SWIS, but it is new to Referral Entry Only users. If you are a user with broader access to SWIS, you use Find Referral to search your school’s entire account for any referral matching the search criteria you choose. This release adds Find Referral for anyone with referral entry only access, but with a small difference: When a Referral Entry Only user searches for a referral, the results are limited to only the referrals they wrote.

With Find Referral, if you want to know what happened during that office visit, you don’t have to wait for a one-on-one conversation with your administrator. Click the blue Find Referral button on your data entry screen and check it out for yourself.

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