Apr 15, 2016

New Features for SWIS 5.6

Find out the details of what you can expect with the SWIS version 5.6 release.

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​​What to Expect in SWIS 5.6

New features are coming to the SWIS Suite! Friday, April 15, you can expect to see some minor changes to enhance the way you use data in your buildings to make efficient decisions.

Ethnici​​ty​​ Report Changes

Included in the new features are some changes to the ethnicity reports. The changes are minor, but make it easier to tell the story using the data.

​​Change to Graph Ord​er

Originally, graphs were ordered: Referrals by Ethnicity, Students with Referrals by Ethnicity, Referral Risk Index. The new order is:

  1. Referral Risk Index
  2. Students with Referrals by Ethnicity
  3. Referrals by Ethnicity

The rearrangement follows the natural order to the way in which teams discuss ethnicity data and makes the discussion more efficient.

Change to Column Color and ​Order

In the Students with Referrals by Ethnicity and the Referrals by Ethnicity graphs, the bar displaying the percent of enrolled students will be green instead of ble and shown before the comparative data.


New Referrals by Ethnicity graph column color and order from the SWIS Demo account.​

​Updated Resources to Use with School Teams

At the top of the page is a set of recorded tutorials to walk you through how to interpret these data to address disproportionality in your building.

F​ind Re​​ferral Defaults to the Last Seven Days

When you need to find a referral, chances are, the referral you need happened within the last week. Rather than force you to set your search parameters to the last seven days every time you search for a referral, we thought we’d do you a favor and set that default for you. When you go to Find Referral in your SWIS account, you will notice the End Date and Start Date fields are pre-populated with today’s date and the date a week ago respectively. These dates can be edited or deleted as you need.

Improved Accessibility

We remain committed making all of our applications accessible to screen reading technology. Our team took some time to look for ways we could improve the SWIS application’s compatibility with screen readers and other such tools. With this release, SWIS is better suited to be read using this technology than ever before.

​​​​Notable Bug Fixes

Along with other, smaller known issues, the following list of bugs have been fixed with this release:

  • Referral category drop-downs incorrectly display partial lists: All lists will populate with all appropriate labels after saving a referral.
  • CICO-SWIS data entry display errors: Several small display issues -- including displaying duplicate students or duplicate data entry fields -- have been corrected with this release.
  • False positive data integrity errors: The Data Integrity screen incorrectly identified some referrals as duplicates when the information was, in fact, correctly entered. This release refines how SWIS identifies whether a referral is a duplicate or not.
  • Improve the way CICO-SWIS periods are cleared out: None of the CICO-SWIS data entry periods provided a blank space in the drop-down menus. With this release, all period drop-down labels include a blank at the top to improve the ability to clear out a data entry period.

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