Mar 24, 2015

New PBIS Assessment Features

​​We recently released a set of new features and bug fixes to PBIS Assessment.​

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We recently released a set of new features and bug fixes to PBIS Assessment. Below is a list of the changes we think you should know more about.

Faster Loading Dashboard and Organization Overview Pages

Does Assessment feel faster to navigate? Prior to this release, users with the largest number of schools in their scope had to wait an average of 20 seconds for the Dashboard to load. Now, those same users only wait 4 seconds to load the same amount of information. Take a look at the Organization Overview page. You’ll notice it loads faster, too. Your time is valuable; you shouldn’t spend it waiting for information to display.

Navigate to Sibling Schools from the Organization Overview Page

Coordinators can navigate to any school’s sibling school (another school in the same ditrict) directly from the Organization Overview page as long as the sibling school is part of their scope. Jump from school to school without using the organization selection tools for schools in the same district. It’s another way for Coordinators to work faster!

Edit User’s Names and Email Addresses

We continue to find ways to improve coordinators' ability to support their schools directly within the application without contacting customer support. With this release, all coordinators can edit user information including first names, last names, and email addresses. Coordinators: Check out the new feature by heading to any user account details page. Click the Edit link next to the person’s name or Username to modify the information displayed. Note: Changing the email address will update the username and reset the user’s password. Assessment will send an email to the new email address inviting the user to set a permanent password.

Links to Multiple-Response Surveys are Available before the Windows Open

Links to take the Self-Assessment Survey (SAS) and the School Safety Survey (SSS) are available before the survey opens. Now, coordinators can send the link to participating staff in advance of the open window to give respondents plenty of advance notice. All users can view any of the SAS or SSS links in the Upcoming Survey Windows menu by clicking Link to the right of any row to display the survey’s link. Coordinators should feel free to disseminate this information to schools getting ready to take the survey. No one will be able to take the survey until the survey window officially opens.

Report Highlights are Now Available on Printed Reports

PBIS Assessment gives you the option to highlight an item’s status within the application. With this release, you can choose to include these same highlights on printed reports. There are three reports with the option to highlight item statuses:

  1. Self-Assessment Survey Items Report
  2. School-wide Evaluation Tool Items Report
  3. Team Checklist Items Report

To print the highlights, choose the Items report for any of the three surveys and select Activate Report Highlights. Generate the report, and then click the PDF link at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.​​

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