Oct 20, 2014

School Climate Transformation Grants

​Inf​ormation for recipients of the Department of Ed's School Climate Transformation Grant.

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​​​Congratulations on being awarded the School Climate Transformation Grant!

As you move forward, schools will need systems to provide pertinent, timely reports enabling teams to make informed decisions about the students they serve. The SWIS Suite meets your grant requirements (it is mentioned by name in the grant) and is the only data system available that aids in the collection and analysis of data for all three tiers in a multi-tiered behavioral framework.

PBISApps, home of the SWIS Suite

For continuous improvement and sustained implementation, schools rely on data to answer the critical questions:

  1. Are we doing what we said we would do?
  2. Is what we are doing having a positive impact on student outcomes?

PBISApps has the applications you and your schools need to evaluate the successful implementation of multi-tiered systems of support.

What is the SWIS Suite?

The School-Wide Information System (SWIS) Suite is the only suite of applications to provide data for decision making at every tier of a multi-tiered system of school-wide behavior support. Access to real-time, high-fidelity data allows educators to measure the impact implementation has had on creating positive behavioral change within their building.

The SWIS Suite has three applications to complement your School Information System (SIS):

  • SWIS – Through SWIS, schools enter office discipline referrals (ODR) online. The data are summarized to provide information about individual students, groups of students, or the entire student body over any time period.

  • Check-In Check-Out (CICO-SWIS) – Using CICO-SWIS, school staff enter CICO point card data easily and efficiently online. Data are summarized across five reports allowing teams to monitor individual student progress and review the overall integrity and fidelity of the targeted (Tier II) intervention.

  • Individual SWIS (I-SWIS) – I-SWIS is a decision system for students receiving intensive (Tier III) supports for academic, social, or mental health services. Teams using I-SWIS upload and store documentation, define data collection measures, collect data, and summarize data for decision making.

For more information about the SWIS Suite, take a look at our application overview page or try out a demo today! There are even options for integrating the SWIS Suite with your student information system​.

The SWIS Facilitator and Training Opportunities

All schools using the SWIS Suite will work with a certified SWIS facilitator to setup their account and coach their team. Facilitators transform and sustain SWIS as a functional information system influencing how your schools support student behavior. There may be many facilitators already trained in your state. Look up your zip code and give one a call today to get started​.

If you need to train additional facilitators in your area to support your schools, our PBISApps Training Team is ready to work with you: Facilitator Training Schedule

One of our trainers will connect with you about next steps.

Using PBIS Assessment with the SWIS Suite

In addition to the SWIS Suite, PBIS Assessment is a free application schools use to develop action plans and goals to improve implementation. Schools assess the fidelity of implementation and answer the question: Are we doing what we said we would do? Using PBIS Assessment, teams have access to a set of research-validated surveys for assessing:

  1. The fidelity of implementation across all three tiers
  2. Subscale areas in need of improvement
  3. Individual items for action planning

Each survey is consistent across states and meets a need not duplicated by another survey on the site.

For more information about PBIS Assessment and how to get started, take a closer look at the application’s overview page.

Evaluation at the State- and District-Level

For those evaluating implementation efforts across multiple schools, PBIS Evaluation is a web-based application combining data from the SWIS Suite and PBIS Assessment across all schools within a state, region, or district. The data provided in PBIS Evaluation address the three most frequently assessed evaluation questions:

  1. Which schools are actively engaged in SWPBIS implementation?
  2. Are schools implementing SWPBIS with fidelity?
  3. Is the implementation having an effect on student behavior?

For more information about PBIS Evaluation, visit the application overview​ and find out how to get started.​

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