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Jul 24, 2013

SWIS 5 is Coming August 23, 2013!

The features included in this upcoming release are a compilation of all your ideas suggested over the last four years.

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We are excited to announce we will release the latest version of the SWIS Suite on August 23, 2013. The features included in this upcoming release are a compilation of all your ideas suggested over the last four years. SWIS 5.0 delivers better user experiences, more useful reports and a stronger integration between each application within the SWIS Suite.

With each new feature, three key guiding themes are apparent throughout each application.


SWIS, CICO-SWIS and ISIS-SWIS will work together, sharing data and fundamental functionality. Schools may subscribe to each application individually. The SWIS Suite is most powerful when the applications are used together.

With SWIS 5.0, school-wide teams gain application dashboards providing school-wide overviews of the data. Individual student teams gain the student dashboard bringing together student-level data across all applications in one place.


You let us know you need to accomplish more with fewer minutes. SWIS 5.0 is faster and easier to use than ever before. Data entry and reporting have been fine-tuned to create more efficient workflows with as few keystrokes and mouse clicks as possible.


We continue to listen and learn from your ideas to expand and improve our applications. With each new release, we aim higher. We add functionality to help you answer the questions you have yet to ask in ways you never thought possible.

Data first reporting is at the heart of the SWIS Suite. Decision making has never been as efficient as it is in SWIS 5.0. Reports can be opened in tabs within the same screen allowing teams to generate report after report comparing data back and forth with a simple click.

The custom report feature has been overhauled with a new Drill Down feature. Teams can select which data to include or exclude as they go. If the customized report is one teams will refer to often, it can be saved as a Report Template for greater efficiency in future meetings.

To ensure you are as prepared as possible to support your schools as they begin using the new version of the SWIS Suite, we have put together resources for you to access on

Facilitator Webinar Orientations

Our training team has scheduled three webinar events designed to orient facilitators on how to navigate the new system to take full advantage of all the applications have to offer. To register, please visit our training site, look for them under the heading "SWIS Suite Webinars." These will be made available for registration Monday, July 29th, so look for them then. ​

SWIS 5 Preview

August 7th, 8–9 AM formerly a refresher

August 14th, 1–2 PM

August 20th, 8–9 AM


August 16th, 8–9 AM

August 20th, 1–2 PM

SWIS 5 Update: The New Release

Sept 4th, 3–4 PM formerly a refresher

CICO-SWIS Update: The New Release

Sept 5th, 8–9AM

SWIS 5 & CICO-SWIS: The New Release

August 29th, 8–9:30 AM

Sept 12th, 8–9:30 AM

Sept 18th, 1–2:30 PM formerly a refresher

All times are Pacific Daylight Time​

Video Overviews

There are currently two videos posted on with a preview of what to expect within SWIS 5.0. We encourage you to take a look at these videos and to share them with your school. Additional videos will be posted on leading up to the August 23rd release date. Keep checking the website for details.

Video Tutorials

We will add video tutorials to throughout the next few weeks and beyond. From how to enter referrals, students and staff to how to generate specific reports, the tutorials will be key instructional materials to help you through the initial transition.

Updated Documentation

We are committed to making sure you have access to updated content.

  1. An updated copy of the referral definitions is currently posted in our materials section as a featured article.
  2. The users’ manuals for SWIS, CICO-SWIS and ISIS-SWIS will be posted with all updated content. New manuals will be available to purchase soon.
  3. The support section of will be filled in with all new support material to help you answer your questions as efficiently as possible.

We will be in touch over email in the next few weeks leading up to the big day. If you have any questions related to this release, please feel free to contact us by visiting the PBISApps support site.​

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