Aug 23, 2013

SWIS 5 is Here

​Find out some of the new features and resources for learning the new SWIS 5.

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SWIS 5 Features and Resources

​We know change is hard, but we are confident that you will love the new SWIS when you become accustomed to the new layout. SWIS 5 has been built from the ground up with enhanced data entry,  report generation, and data-based decision making.

SWIS 5 has been built with these three pillars in mind: cohesive, efficient, and innovative


SWIS, CICO-SWIS and ISIS-SWIS will work together, sharing data and fundamental functionality. Schools may subscribe to each application individually. The SWIS Suite is most powerful when the applications are used together.

With SWIS 5.0, teams gain application dashboards providing school-wide overviews of the data and the student dashboard which brings together student-level data across all applications in one place.


You let us know you need to accomplish more with fewer minutes. SWIS 5.0 is faster and easier to use than ever before. Data entry and reporting have been fine-tuned to create more efficient workflows with as few keystrokes and mouse clicks as possible.


We continue to listen and learn from your ideas to expand and improve our applications. With each new release, we aim higher. We add functionality to help you answer the questions using data in new ways you never thought possible.

Data first reporting is at the heart of the SWIS Suite. Decision making has never been as efficient as it is in SWIS 5.0. Reports can be opened in tabs within the same screen allowing teams to generate report after report comparing data back and forth with a simple click.

The custom report feature has been overhauled with a new Drill Down feature. Teams can select which data to include or exclude as they go. If the customized report is one teams will refer to often, it can be saved as a Report Template for greater efficiency in future meetings.

To ensure you are as prepared as possible to support your schools as they begin using the new version of the SWIS Suite, we have put together resources for you to access on


New Documentation

These documents have been updated for the new SWIS Suite 5.


Visit our Training & Webinars section to see all available SWIS 5 webinars (facilitators only).

​Support Section

The support section had been updated with a ton of new articles for SWIS 5. This is the fastest option for a lot of your support questions.


Facilitators are closest to individual schools and teams; consult them first with any questions you may have. Facilitators are also responsible for adding additional users to an account and switching user's permissions.

SWIS 5 Videos

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