Data Integrity
Sep 27, 2013

SWIS 5 Update

Find out the latest information about bug fixes, feature development, and upcoming resources available for the new SWIS 5.0

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New Development Underway

The development doesn’t stop for our SWIS development team. We have planned for three major releases this school year –fall, winter, and spring – with major features expected in each. Our development team is actively working on the first set of features to release this fall, including:

  • Optimizing the Student and Staff lists to speed up the application and give you a more efficient experience.
  • Data Integrity Report
  • Custom Field filters available within the Drill Down report.
  • And much more...

Stay tuned to for more information on each and every development feature.

Error Resolution Update

We work to resolve each reported error. In the last week, several identified bugs were fixed within the SWIS Suite. Here is a short list of some of the resolved issues:

  • The primary cause of Error 500 messages has been resolved. The fix was implemented 9/27/2013. If you continue to receive these messages after this date, please let us know.
  • Report discrepancies between the table and the graph have been resolved.
  • International customers with a preference to enter dates in the DD/MM/YYYY format can now do so.

Increase the Speed of the SWIS Suite

The SWIS Suite should allow you to operate at your most efficient pace. To ensure you are using SWIS at its fastest speed, we have a couple of tips for optimizing your experience.

Update your browser

The most efficient browsers to use when accessing SWIS are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. If you use Internet Explorer in your school/facility, we recommend using version 9 or higher. SWIS runs noticeably more slowly in Internet Explorer versions 8 and below. Whenever possible, use the most current version of whichever browser you prefer.

Close other applications

There are many online applications you are likely to use throughout your day. The more applications you have open, the slower your browser may run. If any of the SWIS Suite applications seem to be running slowly, check to see if you are using multiple online applications (email, another student information system, financial system, or others). Closing one or more of these applications should allow SWIS to run more quickly.

Visit Support for FAQs

We will always update our support content on this website to provide you with the most current information possible. By clicking the Support menu, you’ll find information on how to use SWIS 5 features as well as informative discussion in Community Questions where users just like you have asked and answered other user questions based on their own experience with the application.

Featured Video Tutorials

Coming soon, we will post a series of How-To videos showing you just how to navigate the new SWIS Suite. Each video provides a brief step-by-step process for specific processes within the SWIS Suite. Keep checking back to for video tutorials related to: drill-down reports, how to use and ready the SWIS dashboard, how to find and edit a referral, and much more!

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