Distance Learning
Jun 3, 2020

SWIS Adds 'Distance Learning' as New Location

​Document behaviors happening in remote locations using the new referral category: Distance Learning.

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Every SWIS referral category has enough options to cover almost every scenario. No matter the student’s behavior, the action taken, the time of day, there is label to fit a school’s context. Then came March 2020 where schools watched students head home and classroom instruction slowly go remote. There was no location available in SWIS to match the switch to online, distance learning.

Today, PBISApps is happy to announce a new location added to its SWIS referral categories: Distance Learning. Now, whenever teachers document student behavior, referrals entered in SWIS can accommodate the remote location.

Image of the referral data entry screen with the Location menu dropped down and Distance Learning selected.

There is nothing SWIS subscribers need to do to access this new location. It is available right now!

Using this new location will make it much easier to distinguish behaviors that happened in a school’s physical space from the behaviors happening while students are home.

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