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May 1, 2024

SWIS Mobile is Coming May 21

The wait is over. A new way to enter referrals is coming to an app store near you. Here's your first look.

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Student behavior doesn’t always happen when you’re conveniently at a computer. You need a way to document those behaviors where they happen, whenever they happen. You need an app.

The wait is over.

We are excited to announce SWIS Mobile is coming to app stores May 21!

The SWIS Suite has always operated in web browsers and we’re not giving that up. You can keep generating the reports your team knows and loves in our web-based app. When it comes to entering referrals, you’ll have two options: the same web-based app or the SWIS Mobile app.

On May 21, head to the Apple App or Google Play Stores, search for “SWIS”, and download the green app with the white triangle logo. Log in with your PBISApps username and password and you’re on your way!

Here is your first look at what you can expect when we launch SWIS Mobile.

Enter a Referral or Send It For Review with Paperless Workflows

You’re going to love SWIS Mobile for documenting student behaviors both in and out of the classroom. As you fill out each field, the app saves your progress so you can pick up where you left off whenever you get called away..

SWIS Mobile also accommodates the referral workflows you've set up in School Settings. You can save a referral as complete or send it on for review.

Are you a reviewer? SWIS Mobile supports your work, too! In the app, open the referral sent your way, update it as needed, and save it as complete.

Find and Edit Referrals

You can edit referrals in SWIS Mobile too! Use the first screen to search for a referral or check Referral Management for draft referrals you need to complete. Look for any referral fields with missing information or simply review it all for accuracy. SWIS Mobile is a convenient way to check your documentation, resolve issues, and move on with your day. 

Switch Schools With Ease

We know some of you manage referrals across multiple schools. We’ve got you covered. You get the same Select School list as the desktop version along with the option to favorite specific schools so they always appear at the top. There is also a new option to skip the Select School List by setting a preferred school for the app. 

Access to SWIS Mobile is included with your school’s annual SWIS subscription. All you have to do is download it. We can’t wait for you to give it a try on May 21!

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