Oct 20, 2020

The SWIS Equity Report is Here!

​Check out all of the resources to get you started with this new report.

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Good news! The new SWIS Equity Report is now available in every SWIS account. To check it out in your school’s account, head to View Reports and select the Equity Report icon under Additional Reports.

There is so much to explore about this new report. In short, we added:

  • A new Rates by Group graph to help you answer the question “How often do we refer this student group to the office?”
  • Interpretive sentences to each graph. They work Mad Lib style by inserting the different report options you selected into the sentence to tell you the story of your data.
  • Out-of-school suspensions to the list of outcomes to know how this exclusionary discipline breaks down across student groups.
  • IEP status, gender, and English Learner status to the list of student groups.

The shiny new features don’t stop there. We’ve changed how to access the composition reports, updated how you enter enrollment information for each student group, and added more inclusive language to the application. But wait, there’s more…

Bonus Feature: Add English Learner Status to Import Files

For our schools integrating their SWIS accounts with their student information system, we have more good news! Along with the equity report, we also made it possible for you to include your students’ English Learner status in your student files. If your school takes advantage of Person Import in your SWIS account, or uses DataLink to import student records, check out the new technical specifications for how to add English learner status to your import files. [Here's a hint: You add an 'isLanguageLearner' column to the end of the student record information and it's a Yes/No value.]

We know there’s a lot to explore. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with a new set of resources to guide you through the details.

Video Tutorials

There are eight new how-to videos focused on the report’s settings and graphs. Megan Cave will take you through the school settings, enrollment data, and report options associated with the Equity Report. Then, follow along as Bert Eliason walks you through each of the five graphs in the report, how to create precise problem statements using the Drill Down tool, and how students who identify as multiracial are counted in each graph.

User Manuals

The SWIS Suite users’ manuals have all been updated to include just the basics around enabling settings, entering enrollment information, and generating the Equity Report. The updated manuals are posted under Publications.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to your frequently asked questions can be found in Support. Search using the keyword ‘equity’ to find them all quickly. If you have a question not listed there, let us know.

PBISApps Live! Zoom Broadcast: Introducing the SWIS Equity Report

If you haven’t checked out our recent Facebook Live events, don’t miss our upcoming session all about the Equity Report. Join us and our guests Kent McIntosh and Bert Eliason on October 26th at 3:00pm PDT as we dive into the details about the new report and how to use it to drive the decisions you make. No need to register ahead of time; just tune into our timeline to catch the stream live!

The Equity Report is built on decades of research and the result of months of development. It’s going improve the way you use data to create positive outcomes for all students. Log in to your SWIS account and check out this new report.

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