Mar 7, 2016

Upgrades are Coming to PBIS Evaluation

PBIS Evaluation is getting a facelift!

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​PBISApps is excited to announce: Changes are coming to PBIS Evaluation on Friday, March 11! Over the last 11 years, we’ve added new reports and made small changes to the user interface. The application needed a facelift, and that’s what our developers have done. We will release the update to PBIS Evaluation on March 10 at 4 PM PST. The upgrade will happen automatically; you do not need to do anything. Starting Friday, March 11, when you log in to use PBIS Evaluation, you will notice a better-looking application with a new set of reports.

Look and Feel Updates

The first change you will notice is the overall look and feel of PBIS Evaluation. Our development team went through the application with an eye to make data more readable, menus more easily navigated, and to give the application greater consistency for a more modern display. There are so many little improvements the list would be too long, so here are some of the changes you can expect on March 11:

  • Loading Visual: Whenever the application needs to process a request, a new loading indicator appears on the screen and all other controls are grayed out. This gives you feedback the application is working to display the information and makes it impossible to interrupt the process with additional clicks.
  • Larger Font: No more need to zoom in. All of the in-application text is now a larger font size.
  • Menu Alignment: The menus displayed on the left-hand side of the application now line up with each other; it’s a small adjustment to help you quickly scan and navigate the application.
  • Most Recent Year First: For greater efficiency, the most recent school year displays at the top of the drop-down menus when selecting the academic start and end years. This means, no more scrolling to the bottom of the screen to select last year as the start year and this year as the end year.
  • More Consistent Look and Feel: The entire interface has been overhauled to look and feel the same screen to screen.

Print Every Page of a Report

The print error preventing you from printing more than one page of a report has been fixed! Any report generated in PBIS Evaluation can be fully printed from page one to the very last page.

New Tiered Fidelity Inventory Reports

The Tiered Fidelity Inventory is the newest survey added to PBIS Assessment. The TFI gives teams a single, efficient, valid, reliable survey to guide implementation and sustained use of SWPBIS and is meant to replace other surveys such as the SET, BoQ, TIC, SAS, BAT, MATT. Since its release in December 2014, nearly 5,000 schools have submitted TFI survey data. Starting March 11, PBIS Evaluation will have four reports to analyze TFI data across schools, districts, states, and cohorts:

  • Summary  of Schools Reporting TFI Data: How many schools submitted TFI data in a given year?
  • Summary of Schools Reporting TFI Data by Grade Level: How many schools submitted TFI data in a given year by grade level?
  • Are schools implementing SWPBIS to criterion? (TFI Scales):  How many schools evaluated each tier using the TFI and what was the average (mean) score for each tier in a given year?
  • Are schools implementing SWPBIS to criterion? (TFI Subscales): How many schools evaluated each tier using the TFI and what was the average (mean) score for each subscale in a given year?

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