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Feb 24, 2020

Upload Student and Staff Rosters District-Wide with DataLink

DataLink connects the SWIS Suite with a district student information system. Now, it's available to anyone interested in uploading student and staff rosters into individual SWIS accounts district-wide.

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Our latest data integration option has been tested and now it’s time to open it up to a wider audience. Starting today, we’re making DataLink available to all districts, regions, and states interested in uploading student and staff rosters on behalf of their SWIS schools.

What is DataLink?

DataLink connects  the SWIS Suite with a district’s student information system (SIS) by transferring student and staff data from the SIS to individual SWIS accounts. With DataLink, your SIS sends one file containing  individual rosters for multiple schools. Through the magic of DataLink, that file uploads each student and staff record automatically to the appropriate SWIS accounts.

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DataLink is the most efficient way for larger organizations to manage uploading student and staff information on behalf of all the schools they support. For this reason, DataLink is a service we offer to districts, regions, and states. If you are a single school take a look at the Person Import Tool built into your school’s SWIS account.

For districts interested in DataLink, here’s how to get started.

Get Started with DataLink for Student and Staff Rosters

First, download a copy of the technical documentation and scroll down to Appendix A: The Agency Profile Form. The technical contact is the person responsible for setting up DataLink for  your schools. This is the person who should fill out this form with their organization’s information and send it to Our customer support team will set up an account and send the technical contact  an email notification with next steps.

From there, use the technical documentation to start getting your data files together. The technical guide provides guidance on how to format your files, which identifiers to use, and how to manage your participation online. We encourage you to start getting your rosters together in the compatible format shown in the documentation.

We’re glad to be able to offer this opportunity to you and your schools. If you have any questions, contact our support team for all the details.

Download the DataLink Technical Guide

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