May 13, 2021

Welcome to the New PBISApps Website!

We’re excited to show you around our new digs here at Here are a few details to get you acquainted.

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What do you think of our new look? We’re so happy you’re here to check it out. Some things about the PBISApps homepage should feel familiar. You’ll also see some changes we think are going to improve the way you’re able to find the information you’re looking for.

  • To-the-Point Product Descriptions: Every product description has been re-written to highlight the big features that set our apps apart and the smaller features that make doing your job easier.
  • Familiar Login Experience: “Will the login process change, too?” No. Your login experience stays the same. Click the Login link in the upper right-hand corner, enter your credentials, and you’re on your way.
  • Updated Search with More Detailed Results: Check out the search tool at the top of any page to look up any topic. Each result includes the type of resource it is, along with a brief description to help you figure out if it’s the resource you need.
  • Filters to Explore Publications and Videos: Publications and Videos sections both come with filters to narrow down those resources to exactly what you need.
  • Discoverable Content: At the bottom of every resource page, we give you ideas for more things to explore related to the page you’re looking at.
  • Simplified Overview of Data Integration Options: Options are divided into two groups –Import and Export – and their features are described in a grid.

We’re excited to see how you like our new digs. If you can’t find something you’re looking for, send an email to our customer support team at We hope you not only find all the same resources you need, you also discover new content you never knew existed!

Check out a more complete overview of the new features.

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