Mar 21, 2013

Welcome to the New

You’re in the right place! PBISApps is your new home for everything related to the SWIS Suite, PBIS Assessment and PBIS Evaluation.

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All New Website

Welcome to our new website: gives you one place to find all content, resources, support and training information related to the suite of applications we offer. Prior to this release, all of this information was divided between disparate websites devoted to each application. SWIS users visited the SWIS website to enter office discipline referrals; PBIS Assessment coordinators visited the PBIS Assessment website to determine what surveys  their schools can submit; any school using one application may not even know other applications are available. This led to a disjointed experience for our users. We listened to your feedback; is our response.

We invite you to take a tour of the new site. Here, you’ll find you can:

Access All Applications

With you have access to login to all of the applications you use to track behavior support in your school. No need to bookmark many pages; is your new home to login to every application you use.

Access All Resources

Within this new site, all of the resources and information you need for any of the applications we support is provided all in the same place. Check out the Resources section to find user’s manuals, recent presentations, and supporting materials for the SWIS Suite, PBIS Assessment and PBIS Evaluation. Materials are more clearly organized enabling you to find exactly what you need more efficiently than before.

Search Our New Support Center

Our PBISApps support team is no longer only accessible to you by email. We have expanded the way you can find answers to frequently asked questions by adding a fully-searchable knowledge base to If you can’t find your answer, you can now submit questions directly through the website to our team of knowledgeable customer support representatives. Send us a question or even chat with us live.

Register for Trainings and Webinars

We conduct in-person trainings across the country and online webinar sessions throughout the year to certify facilitators and provide refreshers for current users. In our new Trainings and Webinars section, you’ll find access to every upcoming event from Oregon to Maine and everywhere in between. Register for a training or recommend an online overview to a colleague. We are adding events monthly and would love to see you there!

Watch Training Videos

We are excited to improve our online resources by providing you with an ever-growing library of training videos. Before, we could only bring you access to videos on the separate application websites. Here, you can find all of the training videos we have ever produced in one easy to access place. We will add to this section as our site continues to grow. Upcoming videos will serve as quick references for those times when you can’t remember how to do that small thing in the application you use – How do I add a student to CICO-SWIS? Can I merge a Self-Assessment Survey in PBIS Assessment? Keep checking back for new clips in this section.​

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