PBISApps and the Heartbleed Bug, You Have Nothing to Worry About​

We’re happy to say none of the PBISApps applications, including the SWIS Suite, PBIS Assessment, and PBIS Evaluation were susceptible to the Heartbleed bug. Your username, password, and data are safe and no action is required on your part.

Heartbleed is a security bug in OpenSSL. OpenSSL is used by many organizations to encrypt data sent back and forth from their servers to a user’s web browser. Since PBISApps doesn’t use OpenSLL (we use Windows Secure Channel, in case you’re wondering) your data were never at risk to the Heartbleed bug.

As of April 7, a patch for the Heartbleed bug is available and most major websites that were vulnerable have patched their systems. However, the general consensus is that you should change your password to a website if that website was ever vulnerable as a result of the Heartbleed bug. A list of affected websites is available at Mashable's The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change​