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Getting the SWIS Suite


Step 1: Identify a Local Facilitator

Obtaining an account starts by contacting one of our certified facilitators. The facilitator you work with is local to your school or district and will walk you through the setup process from​ readiness to training. A facilitator is a required role for all SWIS, CICO-SWIS, and I-SWIS schools; so contact yours today!​

If you are unable to locate a local facilitator, we encourage you to send someone from your district or regional office to become a certified facilitator for your building. For more information on who should become a facilitator as well as a list of upcoming training opportunities for any of our applications, please visit our training section.

Step 2: Complete the Readiness Requirements 

Each application within the SWIS Suite carries its own set of readiness requirements. Meeting these requirements ensures you use the application efficiently from day one. Your facilitator will identify the requirements your school already meets and work with you to complete the missing components for effectively using SWIS, CICO-SWIS, or I-SWIS to manage your school’s behavior data.

Step 3: Complete the Licensing Process 

With all of the readiness requirements in place, you are ready to set up your account. You will work with your facilitator to complete a license agreement for your building and submit all paperwork to our office. Within two weeks, you will receive a notification through the mail welcoming your school to the application.
Subscription Term 
The subscription year is September 1-August 31. All subscriptions renew automatically on September 1 of each subscription year. An invoice for your yearly subscription fee will be mailed to the billing information provided within the submitted license agreement.
All prices listed are per school (regardless of size), per year. SWIS Suite subscription fees are prorated throughout the year. There are no trial periods for the SWIS Suite, however, free demos of all applications are available for preview on our website here.
Discounted rates are available for sets of schools purchased together by a single payer on a single i​nvoice. Bundled discounts are available for any school purchasing more than one application at the initial point of purchase. All discounts are provided at renewal or at the initial purchase of the bundle.
  Purchase of One Application Purchase of Two Applications Purchase of Three Applications
1–19 Schools $350


20–39 Schools 10% Discount ($315)

10% Discount ($414)

10% Discount ($513)
40+ Schools 20% Discount ($280)

20% Discount ($368)

20% Discount​ ($456)


Getting PBIS Assessment

Step 1: Identify the Coordinator Role

Each school subscribing to PBIS Assessment starts by connecting with a local PBIS Assessment coordinator. The coordinator is trained in the use of PBIS Assessment and how to administer all of the surveys. Contact one today to get started with PBIS Assessment.
If there isn’t a coordinator near your school, we encourage you to identify someone within your district to become a coordinator. In this role, coordinators agree to:
  1. Assist schools/districts/states to develop an evaluation plan for assessing the fidelity of PBIS implementation.
  2. Schedule times for schools to conduct surveys.
  3. Enter survey data for the SET and/or ISSET.
  4. Train school personnel how to enter survey data including the TFI, TIC, SAS, BoQ, ECBoQ, SSS, MATT, and BAT.
  5. Coach school teams how to use data from PBIS Assessment for decision making and action planning.
If you or someone from your district is interested in becoming a PBIS Assessment coordinator for your school, complete the Local Coordinator Information Form and submit the form to


PBIS Assessment is free for every school interested in collecting survey data for their building. There is no license agreement required to activate your PBIS Assessment account. Simply contact your coordinator and ask to get started with PBIS Assessment. 

Getting PBIS Evaluation

PBIS Evaluation is available to any district, region, or state with a SWPBIS leadership team actively engaged in PBIS implementation. If your team is interested in an account for your data evaluation needs, please review the Introduction to PBIS Evaluation.

Step 1: Complete the Prerequisites 

To use PBIS Evaluation, your team needs to meet all six identified prerequisites. To meet the requirements, your district/region/state must:
  • Use SWIS and/or PBIS Assessment applications for data collection.
  • Have a leadership team with an evaluation unit.
  • Have at least 10-15 schools implementing SWPBIS.
  • Identify PBIS Evaluation users in advance.  Typically, 2-3 people are trained, although more can be added.
  • Agree only trained users can access your PBIS Evaluation account.
  • Agree the names of schools and individual school data are not to be reported without permission from the school itself.

Step 2: Complete the Licensing Process

With the prerequisites in place, you’ll complete the license agreement, evaluator information form and district permission form (for regional accounts only) for your team. Once completed, send all your forms to

Step 3: Receive Training 

Within two weeks, a member of our training team will contact you to set up a training time for you and all of your team members to receive a 90-minute orientation on how to use the application.
If after your training you decide you would like to continue with your PBIS Evaluation account, we will generate an invoice for your subscription fee and send it along to the organization listed on your license agreement.
Region Size Price
District license $500
Regional license $750
State license $1000
All prices listed are per year. Your subscription starts the day your account is activated. Your account will be renewed automatically each year.