School Login Codes are Now Survey Links

School codes have been replaced by survey links in PBIS Assessment 2. If you are a respondent, please contact your PBIS Coordinator for your link. If you are a coordinator and need to know how to add users or send out links please take a look at the video series link above. The videos in order of appearance are: Manage Multiple Response Surveys, Add Users, and Edit Users. ​​​​


​​PBIS Assessment is a web-based application designed to assist in high-fidelity, sustained implementation of school-wide positive behavioral interventions and supports (SWPBIS). A major feature of SWPBIS is the commitment to ongoing assessment of implementation. PBIS Assessment provides surveys for teams to take as they examine their level of SWPBIS adoption and guides them through the process for how to improve implementation to benefit students, their families, and the overall school culture. Surveys are completed online with reports immediately available as soon as a survey is submitted.
District coordinators use PBIS Assessment to determine which schools are collecting and using data, how schools are progressing, and what support may be of greatest value for any one team. It also allows them to coordinate when teams will take surveys to align with the district’s evaluation plan.
PBIS Assessment improves the efficiency and accuracy with which surveys can be used to complete four purposes:
  1. Initial assessment of discipline practices to determine how SWPBIS should be adopted.
  2. Implementation assessment of the fidelity with which schools use SWPBIS procedures.
  3. Sustained assessment of SWPBIS implementation at all three tiers to promote ongoing use of core SWPBIS features.​
  4. Assist in designing action plans to improve implementation fidelity.


Schools, districts, regions, and states implementing SWPBIS develop an evaluation plan to:

  1. Address assessment questions.
  2. Select assessment measures and a schedule for completing them, which meet the needs of local decision makers.
  3. Use assessment data for decision making at the school, district, region, and state levels.

Typically, schools and districts start with implementation and assessment of Universal (Tier I) systems. When Targeted (Tier II) and Intensive (Tier III) systems are added, assessments of these tiers are integrated into the evaluation.

PBIS Assessment provides school, district, region, and state teams with the data to determine: To what extent was SWPBIS implemented with fidelity across all three tiers?

For further information on Evaluation, see the Evaluation Blueprint for School-Wide Positive Behavior Support.


​PBIS Assessment includes surveys for research, for annual assessment, and for progress monitoring of SWPBIS. Each survey has been developed to meet the data requirements of SWPBIS usage in schools. Select any survey below to find out more about it.

  Research Tool Annual Assessment Tool Progress Monitoring Tool
All Tiers


Universal Intervention
(Tier I)


Targeted & Intensive Interventions
(Tiers II & III)


​ Outcome Tool/Instrument:
School Climate Survey
School Safety Survey