Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI)

Just The Facts

Who: Every school assessing PBIS implementation fidelity.

When: At the beginning of the year and then every third or fourth meeting. Sustaining implementers who score 70% or more over three consecutive meetings take the TFI once a year as an annual assessment.

Why: To assess PBIS implementation progress across one, two, or all three tiers.

How: After gaining consensus as a team, open a new window in PBIS Assessment and enter the agreed upon scores.

The number of resources available to assess your PBIS implementation can be overwhelming. If you don’t know where to start, we recommend using the TFI. Along with guidance from your coach, your team takes the TFI as a group to measure your school’s implementation across one, two, or all three tiers, all in one survey. The survey is perfect for checking in on your initial PBIS efforts, for creating action plans for improvement, and for monitoring your implementation progress over time.

What Does the TFI Do?

The TFI is a fidelity measure, which means it gives you the answer to the question: Are we doing what we said we would do? There are other fidelity measures you can take, but the TFI is the only survey that lets you measure fidelity across all three PBIS tiers of implementation. That's important. Your time is valuable; the surveys you take should make you more efficient. The TFI does that.

Which Tiers Should I Measure?

The first time you take the TFI, you’ll assess all three tiers – even if you haven’t fully implemented them. It gives you a baseline to refer back to later. If you create an action plan focused on just one or two tiers, measure those tiers with the TFI throughout the year. Then, at the end of the year, assess all three tiers again. Often the progress you make in one tier leads to progress across all tiers. Your final assessment shows you where that may have happened for you.

Generally, any tier scored at 70% or higher will start to produce positive outcomes for students. When you reach 70% or higher at a given tier for three consecutive meetings, consider moving toward assessing that tier annually.

When Is the Right Time to Take the TFI?

During a typical school year, take your first TFI at the beginning of the year. After that, take another every three to four months. If this is the first time you've heard about the TFI, don't worry! It's never the wrong time to take your first TFI.

What Happens After I Submit the TFI?

PBIS Assessment takes data from the survey you submit and transforms them into four reports your team will use to improve its PBIS implementation. Each report reveals one piece of your implementation puzzle.

  • Start with the Total Score Report. See how your overall implementation looks across all three tiers – even if you only assessed one or two.
  • Move to focusing your attention on specific tiers in the Scale Report. See which tiers are more fully in place than others and watch how their scores change over time.
  • The TFI rates every tier based on its core elements. Generate the Subscale Report to know which core elements require your attention first.
  • Drill down one step further using the Items Report to identify which actions your team should add to its action plan.

As your team comes up with solutions, use the reports available for the TFI to guide your decision making and create an action plan driven by data.

For more details on taking the TFI, check out these resources.


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