Sep 23, 2016

New Features for SWIS 5.7

Find out the details of what you can expect with the SWIS version 5.7 release.

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What You'll Find in SWIS 5.7

Expect to find some new features in your SWIS account on September 30:

  • A new report
  • A new data integrity check
  • New ways to view your information
  • …and a few bug fixes.

Check them out!

New Ethnicity Report Graph: Referral Risk Ratio

The graphs in the SWIS Ethnicity Report work together, building a story and providing teams with a starting point in their discussions around disproportionality in their building. In addition to the three previous reports, the SWIS 5.7 release introduces a fourth report: the Referral Risk Ratio.

Where the Referral Risk Index identifies the likelihood for students within a group to receive a referral, the Referral Risk Ratio displays the likelihood for each group to receive a referral compared to another groups. The report divides the risk index of the specific group by the risk index of a comparison group. As teams review this report, they look to answer the question: For a given group of students, how much more or less likely are they to receive a referral than students from another group? Note: A risk ratio greater than 1.0 indicates higher risk. A risk ratio less than 1.0 indicates lower risk. A risk ratio equal to 1.0 indicates an equal risk.


The report comes with its own setting in School Settings. By default, the comparison group used to calculate the Risk Ratio is All Other Groups. Some schools may want to change this to the group representing the largest percentage of the student body. To change the setting:

  1. In School Settings, click General under the Applications menu.
  2. Click anywhere in the Use Ethnicity row.
  3. Select a new comparison group from the Risk Ratio Comparison Group drop-down menu.
  4. Click Save.

New Data Integrity Check: Major/Minor Behavior Mismatch

In SWIS, referrals as well as some problem behaviors take on one of two types: major or minor. You select whether the referral is a major or a minor as the first piece of data entered for every referral. The problem behaviors you select match the referral’s type. We noticed, for some schools, the referral’s type (major or minor) didn’t match the referral’s problem behavior types. SWIS allowed this mismatch to happen when you edited the referral's type and it shouldn't have. With the SWIS 5.7 release, we added a new data integrity check to look for any referral where this mismatch happened in your school. ​​We also updated the application so the mismatch can't happen in the future.

Be sure to check the Data Integrity Tool in your school’s SWIS account to correct this or any other issue impacting the quality of your referral data!

​​​Data Display in More Intuitive Ways

If you’re a SWIS Suite user who pays close attention to details in the application, you may notice a few minor adjustments we made to display data in the application in more intuitive, efficient ways.

Ethnicity Reports in the Drill Down Match the Larger Ethnicity Report​​

The SWIS 5.6 release updated a few things about the Ethnicity Report. The SWIS 5.7 release includes those same changes to the ethnicity graphs included in the Drill Down tool. It is important to create consistency throughout the application so all reports look and feel the same; this update does just that.

Updates to the Latest Referral Display on the Dashboard

Previously, the quick reference box on the dashboard contained a list of every referral ever entered in the application. Based on your feedback about how you utilize this space, we’ve changed the information displayed in Latest Referrals.

  • It now displays only the most recent 25 referrals
  • Refer​rals are listed in descending order with the most recent at the top

If you have a need to quickly jump to a referral from today, it’s now accessible by scrolling through the Latest Referrals list and double-clicking the row to open it in your browser. Check it out!

Changes to Invoice Order

Our long-time subscribers have accumulated their fair share of invoices over the years. When they logged in to view this year’s invoice, it was confusingly listed at the bottom of the screen. The SWIS 5.7 release updates the invoice order and places the most recent invoice at the top of the list for everyone’s convenience.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • SWIS Demo Account generates an error when navigating to Person Import: Some users saw an error in the Import History table inside the Person Import section of SWIS. With this release, all users can navigate to the Person Import screen without seeing an error message displayed.
  • Report icons display at half their intended size: All icons listed in the reports section display at their intended, appropriate size all the time.
  • The Reset button in the Suspension/Expulsion report doesn't work as intended: Now, when you click the Reset button in the Suspension/Expulsion report, the report options clear as you would expect.
  • Truncated versions of lengthy custom field labels save instead of the full text: Truncated versions of lengthy custom field labels saved in place of the longer version. With this release, all labels display completely regardless of their length.
  • Student grade levels don’t reset correctly at the beginning of the year: The SWIS Suite sets a student’s grade level for the year with the first referral. At the beginning of the next year, that grade level clears out and sets again with the student’s first referral for the new school year. For a select few schools, this reset didn’t happen as it should have. This release corrected this error so it won’t happen next year.

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