Data-based decision making
Apr 14, 2017

New Features for SWIS 5.8

The latest release of SWIS brings you a new filter in the Drill Down Tool.

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​​​​A New Drill Down Filter is Coming, April 18!

New functionality is coming to the SWIS Suite Tuesday, April 18! It’s a small change this time around, but after Wednesday’s release, you’ll be able to take a new cut of your data in Drill Down that just might answer a question you had about specific behaviors happening in your building.

Primary or Additional Behavior Drill Down Filter

The Drill Down gives you the option to include or exclude specific problem behaviors from your report. Now, with this release, you have the option to report whether a behavior was listed on the referral as a primary behavior only, an additional behavior only, or either primary or additional. Showing you what that looks like might make this a little easier to understand:

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