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Mar 22, 2023

New SWIS Labels are Here!

There are new category labels, subtypes, and updates to language in SWIS. Here are all the new features you'll find in SWIS starting today.

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Take a look around SWIS and you might notice a few changes. Starting today, you have access to two new behaviors, one new location, two new actions taken, two new subtype options, and a bunch of updated language! Here is an overview of everything that’s new in SWIS.

Rundown of the Changes

The way we refer to student behavior has changed. We’re more inclusive, more objective, and more specific. There are three big changes we made to the broader language we use in our apps:

  • Problem Behavior is now just Behavior
  • Major and Minor referrals are now Administrator-managed and Staff-managed
  • Office Discipline Referral (ODR) is now just Referral

The types of behaviors, locations, and actions taken, and motivations have evolved over time. With this release, we brought the lists available in SWIS up to speed with what’s happening in your school right now.

New Behaviors

  • Academic Dishonesty
  • Threatening Behavior

New Location

  • Dorm

New Actions Taken

  • Request for Additional Support
  • Restorative Practice

Updated Labels

Referral Category Old Label New Label
Behavior Use/Possession of Tobacco Use/Possession of Tobacco/Nicotine
Use/Possession of Drugs Use/Possession of Restricted Substances
Minor Property Misuse Staff-managed (minor) Material/Property Misuse
Forgery/Theft/Plagiarism Theft
Lying/Cheating Lying
Motivation Obtain Items/Activities Obtain Items/Activities/Sensory
Avoid Tasks/Activities Avoid Tasks/Activities/Sensory
Action Taken Parent/Contact Caregiver/Guardian Contact
Restitution/Community Service Restitution
Time out/Detention Detention
Time in Office Classroom Exclusion/Time-out
Location Playground Playground/Outdoor Area
Stadium Athletic Field/Stadium

Some labels in SWIS serve as their own mini categories. For those labels, we offer you the option of setting up subtypes. In addition to Harassment and Use/Possession of Weapon, SWIS now comes with the ability to set up subtypes for Technology Violation and Restorative Practice. When you enable them in School Settings, the defaults for each are:

Technology Violation Subtype Defaults

  • School-issued
  • Personal

Restorative Practice Subtype Defaults

  • Impromptu Chat
  • Restorative Circle
  • Restorative Conference

We’re excited about these updates and how they move us all in a more inclusive, modern direction. For more information, check out the following resources to help you incorporate everything into your existing process.

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