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Dec 1, 2023

SAMI is Retiring

After 17 years of service, it’s time to bid farewell to our old friend, the SWIS Account Management Interface.

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On December 30, we’re saying goodbye to one of our oldest applications. After 17 years of service, we decided it’s time for the SWIS Account Management Interface (SAMI) to officially retire.  

We first developed SAMI in 2006 as a more efficient way for facilitators to manage the SWIS account information for the schools they supported. Those who were around back then might recall the tedious task of filling out a School Information Change Form and mailing it to our support team whenever you needed to add a new user, change an administrator, or update a billing contact. SAMI was the first time we turned account management over to you, and it wouldn’t be the last.

Since then, we’ve made it possible for school-level users to update their own information, reset their own passwords, and most recently, manage who has access to their school’s data. We embedded invoice documents in the SWIS Suite to be printed anytime, and we gave everyone a more efficient way to switch from one school account to another with the click of a button.

As we added functionality to the SWIS Suite, we started working SAMI out of a job. The time has come to make the switch permanent. With SAMI’s retirement, the SWIS Suite will become your official home for every account management task you have.  

December 30 is a Saturday. You’ll probably be relaxing in your pajamas on Winter Break. I know we will. Just know, when you come back, and you go to check on your SWIS schools, SAMI will be gone. In its place will be a list of resources and information to guide you through how to manage everything in the SWIS Suite from now on. In fact, why wait? If you haven’t already, we encourage you to start managing things directly in the SWIS Suite. If you aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry. Here are the how-tos and video tutorials to show you how to do your SAMI work inside the SWIS Suite instead:

Reset a password: on the PBISApps site click the Log In button at the top right-hand corner, then click Forgot Password. Follow the prompts.

Find a SWIS Suite invoice: From any SWIS Suite application’s dashboard, click on the school’s name and then click the Invoice Details button. You can also contact our PBISApps customer support team any time to request a copy of the invoice.

Switch from one school’s SWIS account to another: From any app in the SWIS Suite, select Switch School from the Tools menu. Click any school name from the list to switch to that account.

How to log in to PBISApps and manage your personal information

How to add a new user to the SWIS Suite

How to edit or remove a User from the SWIS Suite

How to add referral entry only users in the SWIS Suite


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