Aug 4, 2020

SWIS for Early Childhood is Here!

Early childhood settings have adapted SWIS to fit their needs. Now, there's a version just for them. EC-SWIS is here!

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For more than a decade, early childhood settings have adapted the School-wide Information System (SWIS) to fit their needs. They have created maps to crosswalk SWIS definitions with their program categories. The process worked, but it was never efficient. Today, we are thrilled to announce a brand-new version of SWIS just for early childhood contexts – EC-SWIS!

EC-SWIS works exactly like SWIS, but with categories tailored to early childhood programs. For example, Locations are called Activities and include items like: clean-up, quiet time/nap, diapering, and circle/large group activity. Problem Behaviors, Perceived Motivation, Others Involved, and Responses all have new defined categories specific to early childhood programs.

Entering incidents takes no time. Once you have collected the data, EC-SWIS summarizes everything into easy-to-access reports. Teams quickly find information about individual children, groups of children, or the entire program across any time period with a single click. Programs implementing the Pyramid Model can continuously monitor their program-wide behaviors while looking for children who might need additional support.

If your program wants to use CICO-SWIS or I-SWIS, these are still available. EC-SWIS works seamlessly with both.

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How to Get EC-SWIS

The steps to getting EC-SWIS are the same as the steps to getting SWIS. Early childhood programs start by connecting with a certified SWIS facilitator in their area. The facilitator takes the program through the readiness requirements and helps them sign the license agreement. Once the account is set up, they’ll provide training to users and ongoing support around using EC-SWIS data for decision making.

It's that easy.

The cost of EC-SWIS is the same as other SWIS Suite applications.

New EC-SWIS Endorsement for SWIS Facilitators

Facilitators, we didn’t forget about you. While EC-SWIS is similar to SWIS, using it in early childhood settings requires a little nuance. We want to be sure you have all the information you need to support your programs. That’s why we created the new EC-SWIS endorsement!

To facilitate EC-SWIS programs, you’ll need to be endorsed. That means attending a free, 2.5 hour webinar where you’ll learn everything you need to know to facilitate EC-SWIS in any program. Sign up today!

Upcoming EC-SWIS Endorsement Webinars

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