Mar 4, 2016

SWIS Suite Pricing

We're making a change…a small one…to the price of the SWIS Suite.

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​To continue bringing you the innovative applications you expect from our team and to meet increasing demand, the 1-app purchase price will increase $50 and bundle pricing will increase $10 starting September 1, 2016. SWIS Suite subscriptions will be billed in the following way starting in the 2016-17 school year (Prorated rates remain available for any application purchased mid-year.):

Number of Schools on One Invoice
Purchase of One Application Purchase of Two Applications Purchase of Three Applications
1-19 Schools
$350 $460 $570
20-39 Schools 10% Discount ($315) 10% Discount ($414) 10% Discount ($513)
40+ Schools 20% Discount ($280) 20% Discount ($368) 20% Discount ($456)

The SWIS Suite is the only application allowing schools to track and use data across all three tiers of support – Universal, Targeted, Intensive – in one place. PBISApps remains committed to improving the efficiency and quality of the applications school teams depend on for effective decision making. We appreciate the decisions schools make based on funding and need.

If you have questions about how your organization will be billed for the upcoming school year, please give us a call at 855-455-8194 or send us an email at​. ​​​​​​​

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