Apr 23, 2014

SWIS Suite Pricing Announcement

The SWIS Suite pricing model is changing in the 2014 school year. Mid-year application setups are now prorated!​

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​As the 2013-14 school year comes to an end, we wanted to be sure to let you know about changes to our pricing structure and remind you about the subscription renewal process for the upcoming school year.

Prices for 2014-15

SWIS Suite subscriptions renew automatically on September 1, 2014. If any of your billing information needs to be updated please contact your SWIS facilitator. At renewal, all annual subscriptions will be billed in the following way.

  • Bundled discounts are available when purchasing more than one application at the initial point of purchase.
  • Tiered discounts are available to organizations paying for a given number of subscriptions purchased on a single invoice.
  • All discounts are provided upon renewal (September 1) or at the initial purchase of a bundle:
Purchase of 1-app Purchase of 2-app bundle Purchase of 3-app bundle
1-19 schools $300 $400 $500
20-39 schools $270 (10% discount) $360 (10% discount) $450 (10% discount)
40+ schools $240 (20% discount) $320 (20% discount) $400 (20% discount)

Mid-Year Additions and Proration

Starting September 1, any new SWIS Suite application added mid-year will be invoiced at a prorated rate. The addition of proration to our pricing structure replaces the previous waiver period.

With proration, schools pay only for the time they subscribe to the application in the first year rather than the full base rate. For example:

  • Sign up for SWIS on November 12 and you will be billed starting with the full month of December a total of $225 for the subscription.
  • Add ISIS-SWIS on October 1 to your existing SWIS subscription and you will be billed the prorated, 1-app price for October of $275 for the subscription added mid-year.

All subscriptions added mid-year will be renewed the following September at the full one-, two-, or three-application rate.

For more information about our pricing policies and procedures for the 2014-15 school year and beyond, please check our pricing frequently asked questions. If you have any questions about how your organization will be billed for the upcoming school year, please contact customer support.

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